An Impressive Game at Steam Greenlight, "OCEAN CITY RACING" Open World Driving Game Powered by UE3

Ocean City Racing is an open world driving game that is powered by Unreal Engine 3. OCR features the biggest, most detailed and alive open world city , advanced driving physics seen in an indie game and combines the highest quality visuals ever seen in a low price indie game with a day & night cycle.

Featuring a free roam , time-trial and a race mode on a massive environment , Ocean City Racing offers hours of fun.

You can vote for the game at the Steam Greenlight page.

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steve30x3810d ago

LMAO That would have been impressive five years ago

andyboy133810d ago

I'm not the only one who thought this looked like crap? I'm sorry, but based on the vehicle physics this should be a boat racing game...