Give Your Computer the Finger: Touch-Screen Tech Comes of Age

Computerworld writes:

"The WIMP human-computer interface may have an uninspiring name, but Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing devices have dominated computing for some 15 years. The keyboard, mouse and display screen have served users extraordinarily well.

But now the hegemony of WIMP may be coming to an end, say developers of technologies based on human touch and gesture. For evidence, look no further than Apple's one-year-old iPhone. From a human-interface point of view, the combined display and input capabilities of the iPhone's screen, which can be manipulated by multiple fingers in a variety of intuitive touches and gestures, is nothing short of revolutionary, researchers say."

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Joey Gladstone4333d ago

that we are about I'd say 10 years away from a Minority Report Type screen that is both as fluid in its motion and navigation as in the movie..
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Salvadore4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

It took him around 8 days to complete, but it's still pretty amazing and close to the Minority Report interaction.

Another Minority Report interaction:

mighty_douche4333d ago

All very nice, but likely to be all very unaffordable.

Panthers4333d ago

Change the name. Its going to be hard to buy something called WIMP. Might as well call it NERD.

GameOn4333d ago

What do you mean change the name? Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointer is probably what your using now. It's just called Windows for short (windows XP, Windows Vista).
This is not something only nerds know, I learnt that at school.

I dont think this touch screen stuff is WIMP any way since there's no pointer.

Yoma4333d ago

No way, I won't have the energi to push my finger on a screen. To lazy for doing that.

RecSpec4333d ago

Looking for porn with a touch interface might be a tricky scenario.