Google calls Microsoft's 'hostile' bid for Yahoo troubling

A Microsoft-Yahoo merger could threaten the openness on which the Internet is based, a Google executive says.

Microsoft's $44.6 billion "hostile" bid "raises troubling questions," writes David Drummond, Google Chief Legal Officer, expresses cynicism in a blog posted on Sunday

"Could Microsoft now attempt to exert the same sort of inappropriate and illegal influence over the Internet that it did with the PC? While the Internet rewards competitive innovation, Microsoft has frequently sought to establish proprietary monopolies--and then leverage its dominance into new, adjacent markets," he writes. "Could the acquisition of Yahoo allow Microsoft--despite its legacy of serious legal and regulatory offenses--to extend unfair practices from browsers and operating systems to the Internet?"

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TruthBTold4324d ago

I only use Google now as a search engine for anything. I just like it more because it seems more simple. It doesnt have all the news and publicity around the search space.

Bonsai12144324d ago

thats what i loved about google since the beginning. the front page has stayed the same. plus i like the iGoogle feature where everything i want is available at a glance.

CrashSharc4324d ago

they already entered the gaming industry... now the internet. Not surprised. I expect people to be wearing Microsoft sneakers and eating Microsoft sandwiches in the future. Like someone already said, save us google and Mozilla. I would SERIOUSLY get any OS google makes. it would all class.

BrianC62344324d ago

"they already entered the gaming industry... now the internet."

Microsoft has been involved in the Internet for years though. This isn't to get them into the business. They think it will make them bigger than Google. But it won't. Does Yahoo own a lot of patents Google pays royalties for or something? I see no way for this deal to help Microsoft.

neeharb4324d ago

Every one loves google search ...
THIS sucks if microsoft starts charging us for using yahoo... the next thing you know will be yahoo gold yahoo silver 50$ us membership..
if it is free and we get better features and searches then it'll be cool

SUP3R4323d ago

It won't be any different from their MSN.
The two are basically the same, but I prefer Yahoo over MSN and Google over all.

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IntelligentAj4324d ago

Interesting. As much as I like google they have some serious balls to call that bid troubling. It was troubling when they bought Doubleclick while they already lead in ad revenue. Nonetheless I look forward to the competition from a merged Yahoo-MSN and Google.

BLUR1114324d ago

yea but but... my sony dvd player broke.. dude they all suck sony is just as bad

SUP3R4323d ago

Huh?? oO

What does Sony have to do with Yahoo, Microsoft and Google?

Hydrollex4324d ago

and many africans dying everyday because all they need is a piece of bread

4324d ago
Nostradamus4324d ago

The founder of Microsoft just quit to run his charities, I would say they are doing more than their share of giving money to good causes.

socomnick4324d ago

O god who cares let them die. Why do some people feel the need to tell others how to spend their money. Its the companies money let them spend it however they want they worked for it. Its like you telling me to spend my whole paycheck on charity because some poor sap across the globe is dieing of course im not going to do it. Tough Luck.

heyheyhey4324d ago

yeah so much for Bill Gates trying to "save the world" or w/e

his company is spending enough money to feed Africa for 10 years ON A FRIGGIN URL

green4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Sorry but your point aint valid.Why becuase i will take Nigeria for an example.The amount of natural resources that that contry has is amazing.But at the same time 95% leave in poverty.Why?because most africans are a greedy bunch.

You will see an extremelly wealthy family(who most likely got their money from politics or bribes) posessing 20 plus cars,and opposite them a woman is selling corn and has her 6years old child(who cant go to school due to poverty)helping her out to make earns meet.So tell me why cant the millionaire help the lady out?Is the west supposed to feed the lady when a man with enough money to feed a nation decided to abandon her like she is a piece of crap.

Microsoft,Sony etc give more than enough money to charity in africa,but there is only so much they can do,the left is up to the average african to stop greed,war and whatever is tearing them apart and try and build themselves.

And believe me i know what i am saying because i am from west africa and i have spent most of my life there.

IntelligentAj4324d ago

Yeah man. Most of those countries leaders are corrupt as hell and instead of funneling the aid where it's needed, they take it for themselves. Green is right, there are an enormous amount of resources in most of the countries on that continent, but greediness by the leaders and the wealthy few are more to blame than the companies in the west who donate money for support.

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