New Home Info Virtual Life: Sony Nears Launch of Own 3D World

New information on home

Tired of Second Life – or want a better online 3D world experience?

Sony may offer that alternative world later this spring with its "Home" destination for PlayStation 3.

"Home is a cross between private chat rooms, MySpace, YouTube and online gaming," explained Ron Festejo, creative director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, in an interview. "If you've ever tried Second Life, you can immediately see how much richer this world is and how accessible it is."

Soon after the rollout, Sony is expected to offer a video store where gamers will be able to rent full-length features that can be downloaded to their hard drives. Sony is also expected to offer music and TV programming through Home.

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Joey Gladstone4331d ago

HOME is going to be HUGE...
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

-EvoAnubis-4331d ago

Some people just think that Home is a Second Life knock-off, but they have no idea how big of a deal this actually is. They're about to find out.

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fusionboxer4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Walking into a virtual store to rent movies, but being able to watch the trailers via streaming without any D/Ling from the ps store.

Also say you rent a movie and bring it back to your place, but not without inviting about 15 other home users over to watch it with you.

I mean if you can do anything like that then i can already see the experience being fun as a place to just talk about games, movies, or just media in general.

Also it seems like getting around should be pretty easy because you can use your little psp to teleport everywhere.

EDIT: What if the size of your tv only lets a certain number of people watch it/link up to it at a time (say 4-6), but if you do a micro transaction and purchase a larger tv it'll allow more users to link up to the tv and watch whatever is on display. And when i say "link up" i mean press that button to have the tv take up your entire screen instead of just running on a tiny box ingame.

Panthers4331d ago

That all your down to now-a-days? Must be hard with all the good PS3 news.

sonarus4331d ago

i think home if successful will move on to pc's as well but they will have to pay for it(evil laugh). Enough of that. As a proud ps3 owner i believe home will be huge for the ps3. The more ppl join the more it will improve. It will expand sony's online network taking it to the level where no console has gone before. This is why sony tops both msoft and nintendo. They keep on lookin for new ways to expand not throwing out halo after halo. Make new games like little big planet that bring user created content and such and such. To be fair though only reason sony can afford this is their dominance in the game dept

heyheyhey4331d ago


thats some nice thinking there boy, home really has potential to expand in fun and mysterious ways like yours

Bubble Buddy4331d ago

Poor mesh, you bored from waiting for the 360 in the repair shop, don't worry man, it'll only take a couple of weeks haha.

ravinash4331d ago

Don't worry about it mesh1, we won't miss you.

08_CiViC_Si4330d ago

thats a great thought. and sounds awesome.

but dont you think that theyll consider that illegal and implement some sort of way to keep people who didnt pay to rent it from watching?

fusionboxer4330d ago

Well I don't think it'll be illegal because people invited into your home are the only ones that would be able to watch what your watching.

If what's been implied is correct then we should be able to stream movies stored on our hard drives directly to our tv sets within home at one point. What i've seen from various videos is that you can kind of zoom into a streaming video to watch it as if your watching a movie instead of through the 3rd person camera showing your character and his/her surroundings.

Basically if you can rent movies and watch it in your personal space then it would be a great idea to allow players to rent films and invite a select (and limited) number of friends over to watch.

Now with micro transactions, what if we could then buy a larger tv set that would allow more users to zoom into the tv set at a time rather then be limited to the original number so that say a larger tv in your home would have more uses then just looks alone.

kinda get it now?

Alcohog4330d ago

"cut. it. out."

*hangs self*

HardcoreGamer4330d ago

i see 2 things

just a boost of sales for ps3

or a collasal boooost in sales THAT MIGHT EVEN ECLIPSE 360 AND EVENTUALLY the wii, but the wii is already a collasal seller, we will have to just wait and see,

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Spike474331d ago

can't wait for HOME. After I pwn my freinds on metal gear solid online and haze I'm gonna do a victory dance in there face,lol.

Does anyone know if gta4 will be multiplayer online?

INehalemEXI4330d ago

Yes, 16 players online at once in GTA IV.

pwnsause4331d ago

Im one of the beta members for home. Even though theres not much going on at the beta, i can tell you that home has a lot of potential to be an amazing system for the PSN. I mean like "a## kicking XBL potential". Seriously if sony does it right along with in-game Xmb, its going to take a big crap on XBL. What sony should do after they set their online network up is require developers (like XBL) to enforce achievements and voice chat in their system.

Lord Anubis4331d ago

Soon after the rollout, Sony is expected to offer a video store where gamers will be able to rent full-length features that can be downloaded to their hard drives. Sony is also expected to offer music and TV programming through Home.

“When building this new town square, we were heavily influenced by cities like Las Vegas, the Sony Center in Berlin and New York City’s Times Square,” said Festejo. “This world is friendly and open and encourages players to mingle.”

While Sony is offering Home for free, it will have several business models built into it. Players will be able to decorate their own apartment with furniture and an assortment of technology, including Sony Bravia TVs. Many of these items will be purchased with real credit cards through micro-transactions. Players will be able to create their personalized avatar to the point where it will look just like them from face to body type, or what they wish they looked like, depending on the person. Avatars will be able to emote feelings, as well. Festejo said clothes will be available for purchase and Sony is talking to real apparel lines about bringing their own virtual stores into the game for avatars to shop in.

In addition, players will be able to upgrade their apartment to one of nine homes at launch. The demo showed a rustic Norwegian Lodge that was decorated to the hilt with cool technology and themed furniture. More homes will follow, Festejo said, adding that the first version is Home 1.0 and will constantly be evolving.

Another business model that will unfold as Home evolves is the aforementioned movies, music and TV show offerings, which are expected to offer rental and purchase models. Microsoft already has most of the Hollywood studios (sans Sony, of course) offering TV shows for purchased in HD or standard definition and HD or standard movies for rental. Sony is expected to follow suit and Sony Online Entertainment has been building the technology to bring this aspect of Home to life.

whoelse4331d ago

i really do hope they offer movies, programs and music!

WAR_MACHINE774331d ago

considering sony owns music companies, movie studios, and a tv production company there is no way they won't include a DL service for these things in the near future.

swift4331d ago

im with you on that 1.

ravinash4331d ago

They are basically putting all their little businesses into one little box.
And considering how many pies they have their fingers in, there will be a lot.
It'll only be a matter of time before they put their financial services in there. Soon it'll be round to the Home Bank.