Week recap: PS3 profit; Xbox 360 last; Wii No. 3

Marcus Lai from Punch Jump writes: "Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 dropped in the latest Japan retail figures. The product ranked No. 4 in overall video game hardware sales for the week.

Sony this week cut the fiscal shipment forecast for the PS3 despite recording a profit in the Oct. to Dec. period. The company held a profit increase of 25.2 percent.

Resellers are offering the DualShock 3 controller for sale at The controller offers rumble functionality not found in the Sixaxis controller.

Sony this week said that the release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is on track for Apr. in the U.S. The title will be sold for $39.99.

The PS3 Devil May Cry 4 bundle SKU sold out this week at Amazon Japan. The bundle includes a 40GB PS3 and Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 4 software.

Demand for the 80GB PS3 SKU was greater than the 40GB version at Amazon this week. The 80GB product has been discontinued at retailer

U.K. retailer Woolworths this week cited the PS3 as a factor in a decision to back the Blu-ray disc format over HD DVD. The retailer will discontinue sale of HD DVD titles in stores."

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Joey Gladstone4331d ago

"The Xbox 360 ranked in last place in the latest Japan retail tally. The hardware ranked below all handhelds and consoles for the week."....
.Honestly they tried a different strategy with Blue Dragon to appeal to the Japanese, but I dont ever see 360 really selling well over there.
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Ri0tSquad4331d ago

PS3 isn't doing so well in NA.

craymoogy4331d ago

i think ps3 is doing as well as 360 in america. if you think about it, it's pretty amazing because of the pressure from wii and 360, ps3 will doing extremely well.

sale figure shows that ps3 is beating 360 just like blu-ray is beating hd dvd. by the end of next this year or early next year, the sale figure in the US for ps3 and 360 will be neck to neck but not much different.

SoulReaper4331d ago

The PS3 is doing good in NA, if sales was like the 360 in Japan thats when Sony should be really concern..The PS3 even sold more then the 360 its first year and with only a few great games..

Sony got Japan and Europe and even NA( they doing just fine here)

There a lot of heavy hitter games coming out this year..Sony will dominate this year..

Jamaicangmr4331d ago

The state of the PS3 in NA is in no way comparable to the state of the Xbox360 in Japan. The PS3 is sellin very well in NA but the Xbox360 sales are quite depressing to say the least.

Panthers4331d ago

The PS3 in America is doing good, but will pick up considerably this year. All it needs is hype. Hype for KZ2 and hype for MGS4.

bruiser814331d ago

@ 1.1 i could be wrong but i do believe the ps3 has the biggest install base in the U.S. than it has in other countries. It may not be leading the american market to date but it is doing very well given the competition that it has. The same cant be said with the 360 in japan where it preceded the other two systems by a year.

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Spike474331d ago

nothing seems to work for them at japan.

But it's not japan's fault it's just that Ms picked that American style gaming from the start.

whoelse4331d ago


Wii doing amazing everywhere
PS3 doing good in Europe, ok in Japan, and disappointing in America.

Ah well, end of 2008, it could be very different.

Says you4331d ago

and plus they are more smarter then there american counterparts.

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The story is too old to be commented.