The Next 25 Years in Tech

PC World writes:

"PCs may disappear from your desk by 2033. But with digital technology showing up everywhere else--including inside your body--computing will only get more personal."

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DeadlyFire4327d ago

I doubt the PC market will dissappear. It will likely only evolve from the ever changing PC market into the console market where it will continue to change and evolve. 2030 though is still to early to expect PCs to be gone completely.

Wraith0014327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

yea i agree, i think in a few yrs VR will come into play like putting a pair of glasses and gloves on and walking rnd a virtual shop or just having a virtual HUD instead of a screen and keyboard, i cld live with that.

I think having a virtual assistant talking to me and fetching stuff wld do my head in. Id prefer the above option. Or jus a normal search engine hehe

gta_cb4326d ago

PC market will not disappear, just evolve :)