7 Characters We'll Probably See in PS All-Stars

"Admittedly, most of these are third-party characters—but that hasn’t stopped Sony from adding Big Daddy or Dante to the current roster. Here is a handful of characters that we’ll be likely to see in Playstation All-stars, starting with…" |

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doogiebear3215d ago

Having Sora would be HUGE!

lasersquash3215d ago

To bad he belongs to disney.

xsticky2093215d ago

Looks like you didnt know that sora belongs to Square Enix. You would know that if you read the article.

lasersquash3215d ago

To Xsticky
If you are so keen on reading then read this.

GenHero3214d ago

Wow you got disagrees even though your're right Sora and the other KH characters belong to Disney

Carl_Shocker3215d ago

I agree

What we don't want though is Lightning

Noctis, Cloud, Squall...jesus, I mean she's probably one of the last FF characters we would want

PhunnyJesta3214d ago

I think lightning is still pretty awesome , it would be really nice if they made a final fantasy character pack in future DLCs

omarzy3215d ago

These characters should have been added a loooooooooong time ago. Half of the current roster needs to be replaced.

Xperia_ion3215d ago

Who should be replaced ?

SolidSystem3215d ago

replaced? why? in my book the more the better. you dont need to use or like more than a few characters IMHO.

xsticky2093215d ago

Well then you can go ahead and just use the other half. Maybe other people would like to use what they currently offer. No need to hate on all the hard work they have been doing just to get the current characters into the game.

ABizzel13215d ago

Out of all the characters thus far, Big Daddy is the only iffy choice, since he's done nothing for PlayStation, although the exclusive Vita Bioshock game could be why he's here, as well as Bioshock DLC for the PS3 version of the new game.

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Solid_Snake3215d ago

From that list, I would like Spyro and Sora.

I would (selfishly) like to see Crash Bandicoot and Squall from FF8.

I'm assuming there are more characters to add.. with TGS and the release months away, they wouldn't show their hand this early. We'll see.

Moncole3215d ago

They should focus on putting more first party characters than third party characters.

StbI9903214d ago

There are more 1rst party character in the roster than third's. Say what: 4 third party's vs 15+ 1rst's?

Capt-FuzzyPants3215d ago

Whoever does the character designs for PS AllStars better make sure Sora's hair is just right though. He can't be missing one of those spikes or else I won't buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.