MMO Strategy For Your Cell Phone - Armada: Kingdoms

Bloomsix has announced exactly what the world has been missing - a massively multiplayer online strategy game playable on any java-enabled mobile phone. Armada: Kingdoms will allow players from all over the world create and maintain their own towns, join kingdoms, and eventually war with other kingdoms, fostering a strong sense of community, allowing players to get enjoyment out of 10 minutes of gameplay while providing a deeper experience for those with more bathroom cell-phone gaming time on their hands. Like most MMO games, the world is persistent, allowing other players to interact with your towns while you are off doing more productive things.

If Armada: Kingdoms delivers the goods, it could be the hottest thing to hit mobile gaming since... mobile gaming. The game is slated for a Q2 2008 release. Keep an eye on Bloomsix's web page for information on the upcoming beta.

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