GamingUnwrapped: September 2012 Preview

Oh wow, it has been forever since I’ve written one of these up. Welcome to the GU monthly preview (unintentional rhyme). With Fall right around the corner, gaming’s best season is almost upon us. The first month of the official Fall season, September, is looking to kick it off quite nicely. Let’s take a look at what we can expect this month:

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BoneIdle3099d ago

Might want to update the title i'm sure you it is meant to say September 2012

TheLastGuardian3098d ago

I didn't know Hell Yeah! was coming out this month. It looks pretty good, I might pick it up. LBP Vita and Jet Set Radio HD is all I'm really getting this month. I won't get Borderlands 2 for awhile, but I'll be playing the original Borderlands next week since it's coming to PS Plus.