Black Xbox360 spotted at Microsoft event?

As an update to our earlier article about a black Xbox 360 having been spotted in an ad over at Gamespot, we now have more pictures of the alleged black version of the console, taken during a Samsung event.

According to a SmartHouse reader who was present at the said Samsung-Microsoft event in Seattle, the pictures don't lie this time, as Samsung used the black-hued 360 consoles to demonstrate the connectivity between Samsung LCD screens and the graphics engine of the Xbox 360.

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shotty5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

Its a dev kit, microsoft would have used black not grey. All grey xbox 360 have been dev kits, this was the case even before launch. The first pictures we saw of an xbox 360 were this grey and they were dev kits. If it was a retail console the disk tray would have been chrome like the white colour consoles that microsoft currently ships in the premium units.

I understand why samsung is using grey, the white consoles really stick out when against black and silver tvs. It would look like their advertising the xbox 360 and not the TV. The point of the ad was to show HD gaming and not advertise the xbox 360.

Point blank, the only black consoles that were released by microsoft were the limited carbon fiber PGR3 xbox 360s. This is GREY not BLACK. The PSP and PS3 are black.

Donkey Slayer5909d ago

Anyways can't wait for the debates of "It's black, no it's dark green"

m235908d ago

i wouldn't really care for a black 360 because to me that looks pretty ugly. white makes it look slick and clean and stuff like that

Marriot VP5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

Huh, yah like shotty said dev. kits came in this dark grey. That's all this is, this isn't black.

Who cares about console color anyways???, materialistic people maybe.

power of Green 5908d ago

You didn't cover the trap up with enough leaves.