YouGamers previews Tomb Raider: Underworld

Back in 1996, computers and consoles were made of rubber and jelly-tots. They weren't very good, to be honest: slow, poor graphics, boring games. But then a group called Core Design hit on the idea of making an "Indiana Jones" game, only with the lead protagonist being a women with breasts that defined the laws of physics, and free solo climbing skills that made Alain Robert look fat and clumsy. Needless to say, PCs and consoles instantly become cool and down-with-the-kids; they ran much faster, and with better graphics, because you now had tombs to explore and raid! Hurrah for Tomb Raider! Naturally, the world went bonkers for Lara Croft and oh boy, did the money come rolling in. So the developers made another game (and the breasts got bigger)... and then they made another one... and another... and another. Then they made Angel of Darkness.

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wiizy4328d ago

i plan on getting this one... never really got into tomb raider before