Final Fantasy XIII, Gears of War 2, Motorstorm 2, Alan Wake at GDC 2008?


"What games will be at GDC 2008? The infamous Surfer Girl says three of the above titles will be there, along with four more "definites". We can confirm seven others."

sonarus5955d ago

motorstorm 2 better not try coming out without split screen. i cnt wait for msoft keynote. hopefully they wnt jst show gears 2, too human and alan wake. already seen too human not interested. alan wake looks good if they show it lets hope it wows and then gears will definetly make it into their keynote. hopefully 2 more aaa quality titles will be shown as well.

Panthers5955d ago

I think we will see more at GDC especially since E3 is not what it used to be. I am REALLY hoping for Socom information. I am going to go nuts if they do not show anything.

SoulReaper5955d ago

Didn't Microsoft confirmed that Alan Wake is not going to be at this GDC?? I am really hyped for Final Fantasy XIII, Motor Storm,Infamous, Socom Confrontation, Killzone 2 and Wipe Out for the PS3.

As for the 360 Gears of War 2 and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Why isn't Sony going to show Heavy Rain, White Knight Story, Eight Days ,Gateaway and War Devil??

Are they saving it up for E3??

Close_Second5955d ago

...is a complete overhaul. It needs replays, time-trials (i.e. practice) and qualifying modes. A better league system and customisation options.

Oh, being able to skip crash sequences would be great also.

mesh15955d ago

Games i would like to see at gdc too human,gears2,fable2,splinter cell,
Alan wake,gt4,fallout 3,forz3 and many more.they will make great addition to my 360 games.

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skynidas5955d ago

Cant wait to see what happens on GDC!!!

zonetrooper55955d ago

Only 15 more days until GDC as of typing.

meepmoopmeep5955d ago

time just flies by when you're having fun.

can't wait to see more FFXIII but i hope they reveal some other great stuff, of which, i'm sure.

heyheyhey5955d ago

with all the big games announced and under speculation GDC is going to be an awesome event this year

hopefully SG is right about motorstorm 2- i was a big fan of the first one and i really hope we get to see whats up with the second one

i also heard that there is a heavenly sword sequel in the works and i hope there will be a sequel to Lair that improves upon what the first one failed to do

also i really hope we hear what the deal is with ZOE 3

heyheyhey5955d ago

1hr long M$ speech? what can they possibly have that can keep us interested for 1 hour?

BioShock 2- i hope so

TheMART5955d ago (Edited 5955d ago )

Gears of War 2
Bioshock 2
Too Human
GTA IV with its two exclusive episodes on the 360
Price drop on the 360
Ninja Gaiden 2
Forza 3 head to head on GT5
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Fable 2
Alan Wake

and a lot, a lot more

rofldings5955d ago

That's it? I guess Sony & Co. will be up there for almost 16 hours then.

Jason 360_Niglet5955d ago

I hope they show forza 3 at GDC.... Forza 2 was great but it was still missing that most important thing - c*ckpit view. Lets hope they announce the 3rd installment at GDC

candystop5955d ago

They can say alot more then what Sonys been saying over and over again for the past 3 years lol! I think this show and E3 will be more focused on what MS has to say rather then Sony because MS has some how managed to build more excitement then the PS3 by not showing it's full hand everytime out of desperation! SOny's already shown everything so now it's time for MS to shine slowly send out news and bring excitement back to gaming! No offense Sony but your games library did look good or ok but is starting to look boring and loose it's excitement to me personally! Heck I was thinking this was Sony's year but now I'm starting to really believe that after GDc and E3 MS will be on top again and Sony will be back in the we totally suck position!

LastDance5955d ago (Edited 5955d ago )

HAHA oh mart i cant see it now. The peak of the speach

"yes and also...Us at microsoft got 2 extra .AHEM .."episodes" on OUR version of GTA4...Yes thats right. because we know what our fans Love....MORE missions to play on GTA coz we here at microsoft know every1 plays the game for its missions....And i THINK we fixed the rrod..maybe.
We umm Havent got much else going on.. we are making a sequal to one of our games so we can make more money..it think its called something or rather..you know.. a name watever.($) ($)... im not sure if they put a storyline in it this time around...Umm...our development teams dont want to hold you down with too much storyline.... WE RULE..

Thank you."

Rockstar5955d ago

The next highly anticipated Scene it!

They'll just play that for an Hour.

I kid, I kid.

Or do I?

Hey, It could be there, although I'm sure it won't take an hour to show that off.

the mart im gay5955d ago

Im sorry i didnt mean to say that. Im a loser with noi lofe. Have pity on a retarded bot....

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