Gamepad Versus Gamepad writes-"So what's the other thing I'm talking about? The controller of the system is your direct interaction with the game. It's how you enter into the game world. If the controller isn't right, then the game doesn't seem right either. It's a weighty issue, quite literally."

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beardtm4331d ago

I completetly agree with this article.

I just cant get into feel of using my PS3 controller at all.

Thats the main reason why i hardly ever turn it on.

I hope a third party controller maker like madcatz is brave enough to change the layout on one of their PS3 controllers and offset the analogues, change the triggers and add rumble.

poopface14331d ago

I liked the DS for resident evil 2 but always hoped for a redesign with ps2, but it still hasnt come. I wouldent count on madcats to make a quality product thogh. I had a madcatz pad for xbox one and one day while playing halo the stick just fell off for no reason, it was all loose and broken. I think my friend pressed the crouch button too hard.

Mainman4331d ago

Article or not, I REALLY (!!!) hope Sony will release the Boomerang controller, even if the Boomerang won't be standard, and only available as accesory. I don't care!!! As long as they release the Boomerang controler!!!!

Please Sony, PLEASE, give us the boomerang!!!

PS: I have nothing against the Dual Shock lay-out. Never had a promblem with it. It's just that, I wan't something different, something new.

The Killer4331d ago

I just cant get into feel of using 360 controller at all!

ps3 ps2 ps1 controller was the best i ever played! i played with 360 controller and it felt like i was touching one of those pc pads from logitech or other third parties, it just dont seem to be original!

but with ps3 and ps2 i feel like am holding a gaming console joy pad!

i think the 360 pad is good for shooting only typical from MS since they make mostly shooting games!

Cryptech4331d ago

The reason I didnt get any XBOX was because of the controller. It felt like holding a plastic football in my hands, very uncomfortable. I have always loved the simplicity and feel of the Playstation controller. I played thru Resistance and I loved the L2 and R2 buttons.

titntin4331d ago

I have to agree. I play both machines regularly, and its the 360 controller that gives me hand cramp after extended use, I never get it with the PS3 controller or layout.
I've always felt the Playstation design is about as ergonomic as it gets, and even after two years of using a 360 controller, I haven't changed my mind.

thetorontokid4331d ago

I agree with Mr Arabic the dualshock is the best of the bunch. Of course this is all a matter of opinion, and this is where this article fails. It is the best all around control pad.

yamamoto1144331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

You say it's a matter of personal opinion, yet you still proclaim it is "the all-around best".

So much for that. To claim that it is "a matter of personal opinion" yet accompany it with a statement that signifies truth or fact is contradicting yourself.

Properly, you would have said: "I like the PS3 controller, but they both have their strengths and weaknesses."

It doesn't make sense if I say "It's a matter of personal opinion. The 360 has better analng sticks," or "It's a matter of personal opinion, the DualShock is an ergonomic mess".

shine13964331d ago

good spot. bubbles for you.

LastDance4331d ago

that was a great article on why that guy Wants to have sex with bill gates.

Chubear4331d ago

Ok, that was funny. I give you bubbles.

Greysturm4331d ago

I prefer the sixaxisweight (stationary) compared to the 360 since the 360 is a stationary controller it makes no sense for it to be so weighty since you are not shuffling things around like the sixaxis to which (in motion motion) id prefer a little more weigh.

Dpads i prefer the sixaxis since it feels more responsive to me

I prefer the button layout of the sixaxis but thats mainly because i became acostumed to it during the ps2 era so newutraly its a tie.

I think the triggers are better on the 360 but not tnough to warrant a change in controlers for that what i am glad isthat the triggerification of he sixaxis stopped the possible jamming that i got on my ps2 controllers after much use.