Top 5 PSN Games That Won't Break The Bank

GP writer Jared lists 5 great PSN games that come at little or no expense at all.

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strangelove2240d ago

The last time my PS3 spit money at me was on Halloween. I really wish it would do it again.

Relientk772240d ago

I would like a PS3 that produces money

guitarded772239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

@ pandaboy

Whether that was a troll or not, it was F'n funny.

I still have yet to play Noby, Noby Boy. Looks freakishly interesting.

TheLiztress2240d ago

I keep putting off getting that Flower game. :(

GamePodunk2240d ago

It's part of the Journey Collector's Edition, so if you haven't played Journey either, I highly recommend picking that one up!

strangelove2240d ago

I have all three of thatgamecompany's games, but I'm still slightly tempted to get their collector's edition. Or at least that snazzy art book for Journey.

MHenderson2240d ago

Same. I love Journey more than my own children, so Flower's pretty tempting right now...

guitarded772239d ago

@ TheLiztress

I'm one of the many here that will tell you it is a must play. Flower was my relaxation game after playing CoD4 online for hours at a time. I still play it every once in a while just to experience what That Game Company is capable of. Flower and Journey are two of my favorite games of this gen... Flow is good too, but Flower and Journey are perfection IMO.

HammadTheBeast2239d ago

CS:GO is another awesome game, for just $15. It gives you the freedom to choose your own controls, has great modes, great game play, and you can't go wrong with it. A timeless classic is back.