GameTap: Eight Games for 2008 - What will you want to play this year?

Dana Jongewaard of GameTap writes: The first thing that the editors at GameTap discovered when making this list is that there are a lot of big games coming out this year. That quickly led to the discovery of the second thing, which is that it's really hard to narrow that list down to just eight games. Whether it's hardcore favorites like Soulcalibur IV and Ninja Gaiden II, or more mainstream titles like Wii Fit and Lego Indiana Jones, there are plenty of big games that people are eagerly anticipating. And that doesn't count the games that are still under our radar--after all, a year ago at this time, gamers hadn't yet heard of Rock Band. Nevertheless, we finally made our Sophie's choice: Without further ado, these are eight of the games we think will be huge in 2008.

(Order based on release date)

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Why It Made the List: The last entry in this fighting series, Super Smash Bros Melee, proved so popular that it developed its own unofficial tournament circuit, with players learning to exploit design weaknesses to deliver even more punishing smackdowns upon their foes.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Why It Made the List: If we were the betting type, we would put money on this game to be the best-selling title for the year--which wouldn't be much of a bet, considering that each of the three previous Grand Theft Auto console games have topped the sales lists for the years in which they were released.

Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots
Fallout 3
Halo Wars
World of WarCraft: The Wrath of the Lich King

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gamesblow4328d ago

Actually, MGS4 is the only one I "have" to play... and that's not even really a "HAVE" to situation. That's just an I'd like to experience it to see what it's all about. See if it lives up to the hype. I wasn't able to play it at E for all , so no big loss.

As for the rest of that list... Yawn... I can play the same smash bros gameplay right now, if I wanted to. Halo wars is about as exciting sounding as shopping for paper plates with Gamaw.... GTA4 is going to be more of the same with more polish and a tad better draw distance.

Little Big Planet, from what I played of it, isn't at the stage to be totally jazzed about it yet. I'll have to wait until other PS3 uses get ah old of it and build some awesome content for it.

World of War Craft... please... No thanks.

Fallout... Oblivion still doesn't get my time and it's actually really good. I don't think I'm giving this one the time of day, either.

As for Spore... hahaahhahahaah... I'd love to see anyone get their hands on the retail version of this in 08. You won't see this until 09 at the soonest. Bank shot that one, fellas. I know that for a fact.

Milky4328d ago

there just milking the halo franchise too much. It will be crap. gta is just the same in a slightly new environment, MGS4 is why i am so conserved with spending money atm. LittlebIGpLANET, I am very excited, I can see myself playing it for hundreds of hours. World of warcraft ? is the article joking ? so much better games are coming out-that is the first list i have seen it on.SPORE- I have heard of it but have no idea whatt it is about. So basiicly it is a CRAP LIST

Kleptic4328d ago

I am excited for both MGS4 and GTAIV...GTAIV seems to have a much bigger focus on the story this time around, which should make it a lot more worthwhile imo...add in the fact that its not as big and pointless as San Andreas, and I am definitely ready to get back into it...

I am most excited though for the end of the year shooters though...KZ2 and Resistance 2 are going to push things in every possible direction...KZ2 on technical levels...and Resistance 2 on multiplayer scale...can't wait...

heyheyhey4328d ago

halo wars above GTA, MGS and SSBB????????

yeah i don't think so buddy, maybe if it was halo 4, but wars is just some lame RTS spin-off that pretty much no-one cares about- remember just because it has the letters H, A, L and O in it doesn't mean we have to all crazy for it

and can someone smash the servers for WoW- that game is killing the industry and its depriving people of social lives and time to play REAL games

jeez..... who approves these articles, we all know wha the big games are in 08 and we don't need some random site telling us what's hot and what's not, especially when the list has a freaking WoW expansion pack as the hottest game of 08

bootsielon4328d ago

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wiizy4328d ago

to leave out wii fit and mario kart is a huge mistake.. cause these two games will sell more then the rest of 6 after smash bros and grand theft auto

masterg4328d ago

Why make these articles when it's obvious that titles are missing just because they didn't want it to be almost all PS3 titles.

Where is KZ2,GT5,FF13 just to name the biggest missing titles.
Gears 2 is the biggest 360 title this year if they as expected announce it soon.

But anyway you look at it Halo Wars and Spore need to go.

MK_Red4328d ago

Great choices. Swap WoW with Star Wars Force Unleashed or Brutal Legend and it would be perfect.

bootsielon4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

It seems as your typical "how could it fail" failure, where they reunite the best elements of production values and gameplay from other games, but fails to deliver something really revolutionary or good at least. Then again... jack black? I don't know. But then again, the pedigree on this developer is good, right? So who knows.

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