5 Most Anticipated New Releases of September

Summer is finally over. Finally because gaming industry shows signs of awakening if we consider the big titles we’ve been all waiting for.

BOG shows us five games that we should really look forward during September

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MkaY4282d ago

Summer and gaming industry.. boring stuff. Finally summer is over!

Perjoss4281d ago

except Rockstar usually releases games in the summer.

bubblebeam4281d ago

1.Borderlands 2
2. " " " "
3." " " "
4." " " "
5." " " "

MmaFan-Qc4280d ago

1.Borderlands 2
4.Borderlands 2
6.Borderlands 2
8.Borderlands 2
10.Borderlands 2

ApolloTheBoss4281d ago

Screw everything else. All my money is going to Gearbox this year.

jjb19814281d ago

I have been patiently waiting, sitting down with my hands cupped together. My eye is starting to twitch. September 16th can't get here fast enough! Borderlands 2 coop is going to be awesome

OMEGAZONE4281d ago

Borderlands 2 is all you need to keep you company this winter. EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN CANCELED!

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