Tekken 6 Bonus stage

GameTrailers: Bonus stage Fight Footage. Nancy vs Brian.

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grimygunz4329d ago

DAmn that is the biggest MoFo in tekken games period. How the hell they expect anyone to beat that thing. I hear it has 10x the normal health, cant be juggled and as you can see shots bombs at you.

INehalemEXI4329d ago

I wonder if anyone has tried there charged attacks it seems slow enough to get off some of those.

zambrota4328d ago

I mean in Japan/us/europe

does any of you know the date of release

Marceles4328d ago

hahhaa Nancy cut a hole in the stage, damn I can't wait to play it

INehalemEXI4328d ago

Nothing official announced but retailers have estimated a march release.

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ddamaged14328d ago

cant wait for this i honestly like it better than street fighter 4 just cuz they kept it classic but with a nice graphic update

gamesblow4328d ago

Anyone expecting it this Spring is going to be upset... August/early September is when you're getting it for Ps3. Bank this and etch it stone. Remember me telling you this. Also of merit, the Ps3 version will have Tekken: the motion picture on the blu-ray disc as an unlock-able.

Don't forget Gamesblow when the bell tolls on this one, people.

gamesblow4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

You don't have to believe me... It's of no value to me if you do or not. It will be when you see I'm right and the look on your face would be priceless to be sure.

& what the hell are you talkin' about 124mb of mem to run the XMB, Ham Hugger? There is no exact amount to how much it will or won't use. If you read my blog you'd have known that. The said it would take no more than 124 mb to run it at full capacity. to further this, you said it would hinder development... but how? The big limitation to the xmb is what it's not going to offer you while in Game.

From my understand, the game will stop while you access the xmb. You cannot play your game and access stuff off your XMB. That's how I am to understand it. You can access it while you're in Game, but once you do your game will automatically pause. Thus, freeing up much needed space to actually run the XMB to begin with.

You obviously need to do some homework before you try to mince with me, Timmy.

But anyways...

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The story is too old to be commented.