Surfer Girl: 360 with built-in WiFi, Guitar Hero IV

Surfer Girl is back with her latest rumors. Among other things she reveals the release dates for Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero IV, Guitar Hero On Tour, Facebreaker and fl0w PSP. She says that Sony will be launching a greatest hits line for PS3. She also talks about two cancelled games from THQ, and more.

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4333d ago
ruibing4333d ago

I can't wait for the greatest hits line to start for the PS3.

Ju4333d ago

That's great news, actually. I am curious if they'll keep the 19.90 price tag, though.

ruibing4332d ago

I think it will be $29.99 for these titles.

Bonsai12144332d ago

i hope not. when i think playstation greatest hits, its always 20 bucks. what games would start the line? resistance, ridge racer, motorstorm

TheHater4333d ago

Everyone Know that Sony will be launching a greatest hit collection.
Everyone know that Guitar Hero will be coming out later this year, and some time around the Holiday season. I should make a blog with all this "inside information's" and pass if off as news.

Shankle4332d ago

I didn't know about a greatest hits collection. I'm guessing it will be just like platinum games.

resistance1004332d ago

I didn't know about a greatest hits collection. I'm guessing it will be just like platinum games.

Greatest Hits = Platinum games in Europe

Armyless4332d ago

that information is not a secret. He's mocking "Surfer Girl's" powers of insight and deduction.

You might as well predict taxes and death.

He wasn't literally saying EVERYONE knows, that's too literal.

Let's do a little experiment. Go predict 10 things for the games industry that you think will happen in the next 12 months. Go ahead and write that down on a sheet of paper, make sure you write the date down in the corner.

Guess what? Some of those things are going to come true. Not all of them, but yes, some of them will come true if your predictions were reasonable enough.

After 12 months, publish that paper to a bunch of news-hungry gamers on the internet and they will sing your praises. "He predicted this correctly", they will say. "He predicted that correctly." Next thing you know you're a renowned gamintg-insider with a magic rumour crsytal ball.

You can predict 100 things in the gaming industry, some will come to pass, but you wouldn't be able to say WHICH ONES with any accuracy. No, that would be NEWS INSTEAD.

It's a Carnival game, and peaple are standing in line to buy this bullcrap.

llamaman134333d ago

what is a greatest hit and why is it soo cool?

Ri0tSquad4333d ago

Pretty much a price drop on older titles.

Guwapo774332d ago

Greatest hits are the older titles that sold 1 million+ copies. Once they do that Sony releases them at a discounted price of $20 (that was the PS2 pricing). We'll just have to wait and see what their Greatest Hits pricing will be with the PS3. I'm going to guess about $25-30...

Now I'll finally get Motorstorm... Hope they'll drop the DLC price as well once a game hits that list.

gamesblow4333d ago

What the hell!!!! She took my rumors!!! She took my damn rumors!!!

I posted 2 of those in my blog 3 days ago after work! no friggin' way!

Ri0tSquad4333d ago

"The xmb is said to take over 124mb of ram to use by the way."

When the PS3 launched it didn't use that much ram for the XMB. Also, Sony would be taking away from developers if this was the case.

bluhefner4333d ago

I really hope your wrong about the 160gb not being Backwards Compatible. That thought alone just sickens me.

rofldings4332d ago

Tekken 6 for 360 = do not want.

But after Namco screwed us on AC6, who knows

pwnsause4332d ago

bluhefner, look at the positive side, he mentioned that ps2 titles will be available on the PS store soon, so it sounds like it will come back thru software emulation

Kleptic4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

uh...gamesblow...where do these rumors you made stem from?...

tekken 6 for the 360?...Didn't Namco confirm an exclusive agreement on the console version, because of the physical arcade game using PS3 oriented hardware?...

and 124megs of ram as an OS footprint? wasn't even that at which Sony dev kits had 92megs blocked for OS functions...Firmware 1.60 has been the only confirmed OS optimization since, but which dropped the OS footprint to 'under 52mb'...and Sony free'd up the dev kits accordingly...

both of this stuff is constantly addressed on the SCE's official forums...while some of it is still 'rumored', there are plenty of links showing developer comments on the OS issue...John Carmack said in an interview also that the 1.60 FW update was a tremendous help for Quake Wars optimization on the PS3...that by the way was linked on this site...its too late for me to search for this stuff, so w/e...but it would seem that a lot of the rumors on your blog could be debunked with 15 minutes of searching...

marinelife94332d ago

You sure did call it Blow. Four days before Surfer Girl. Maybe she reads your blog.

FamilyGuy4332d ago

I do NOT believe this one. M$ is out to make money and this peripheral makes money. Not only that, they recently said that there weren't going to be any new SKUs coming out any time soon because "the Elite is selling so well" that they dont need to.

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