PSP gains ground on DS in Japan

Play: The DS handheld remains Japan's best selling games system, but only just, Sony's rival PSP handheld making a concerted effort to close the gap according to the latest numbers from stat obsessives Media Create.

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gamesblow4334d ago

Once again Nintendo gets the credit for everything... What kills me is after literally 7 or 8 different handheld attempts (all of which failed) Sony stepped up to the plate with the PSP... A system that is 10 folds better and more capable and more functional than anything Nintendo's ever released and yet... They still get 2nd billing.

But it's not enough they get second billing to Nintendo... nope... The bigger story, to me, would be the fact Sony has actually competed with Nintendo in their own market and is actually gaining ground. That's news and a story. You never hear that side of the coin, though. Do you?

It's always about Nintendo this and that and this and that... what a joke. When, in reality, Sony has did what no one else could do and they did it on their 1st attempt. They made a handheld that competes with Nintendo's market.

That is the biggest story to be had out of it all. Yet, Where's the "real" so-called journalist at reporting the facts? They're stuck up Nintendo's ass, plucking their ball hairs out with their teeth.

Intrepid4334d ago

If you're this upset about Nintendo, than you should probably get a life.

And if you think that none of Nintendo's handhelds weren't revolutionary, than you're delusional.

pwnsause4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Intrepid, he didnt say he hates nintendo, look at the key words, "It's always about Nintendo this and that and this and that... what a joke. When, in reality, Sony has did what no one else could do and they did it on their 1st attempt. They made a handheld that competes with Nintendo's market." put that in your head and think about the last decade and a half when other handhelds competed against nintendo's handheld. Now compare it to this generation. though nintendo still dominates the handheld realm, its safe to say that this is the first time that there is actual comptetion in the market, the Game Gear never sold how the PSP did, the neo-geo never sold how the PSP did, the Atari Lynx never sold how the PSP did. Thats were hes trying to get at. now think about the next Generation of handhelds, if Sony goes on to create the PSP2 with using the lessons they learned with the PSP vs. DS generation, what do you think might happen if it were to compete against the DS2? just think about that for a second, no hate or anything.

BTW, how was nintendo constantly revolutionizing the handheld market if their game boy was kept the same for the last decade and a half until the DS. more like evolution with new features, think think about it:

-Game Boy
-Game Boy Pocket
-Gameboy color
-Gameboy advance
-gameboy advance SP
-Gameboy Micro

these were the systems they built until they went for innovation, which turned into revolution, which was the DS.

the PSP is also revolutionizing the market by trying to put every handheld feature into one handheld video game system, i mean, a Phone(although its Voip),MP3 player, video player, a Picture Viewer, a web browser, and of course a VIdeo game system all in one handeld console which constantly gets software updates to make it better, not to mention the ability to now download your games from a internet store on your PC, something that the DS cant do yet, except for the web browser which you have to buy for about 10-20 dollars.

Intrepid4334d ago

I believe they've done a fantastic job creating a handheld. I just resent how Gamesblow criticizes Nintendo for developing a smarter marketing plan. He has no real reason to complain about them.

bootsielon4334d ago

I really don't think there is much merit to the Nintendo DS. While the Nintendo DS is a good jump in technology over GBA when compared to whatever the Wii is over the Gamecube, "two screens" is a god damned gimmick. Touch screen is fine, but seriously, you don't need two screens for a game. The only thing it does is annoy those of us that want to play the game eventually on the big TV screen, since there is no way we're gonna put a TV on top of another just to emulate that.

Anyway, I do blame Sony for what's happened to the PSP. The PSP *should* have beaten the DS, not because it has "better graphics", but because the brand name alone maintained the PSP afloat for A WHOLE YEAR. If you remember 2006, there were really very few games on that handheld. It seems that Sony put the PlayStation Portable on auto-pilot, since, if you look at the sales charts, there are very few exclusive games made by Sony. The D-pad is a mess, there should have been two triggers and two analogue nubs. Either Sony wasn't ready, or they were focusing too much on PS3 and very little on PSP. The PSP has come out now with many great games, but it took Sony some time after remaining dormant. Now they're a year behind Nintendo, and Nintendo took advantage of that and managed to skyrocket in sales. And if you remember well, the PSP was outselling the DS initially on a "from launch" basis, as the DS was selling very slowly until the DS lite came out. DS didn't really steal any market from Sony; Nintendo simply thought out of the box and appealed to elders, 40 year olds girls and women. Sony simply fell asleep. The hardcore gaming market is very competed between both, but ultimately Nintendo won because they took advantage of Sony's blind SPot (because Nintendo's home console was failing back then anyway).

name4334d ago

I think people choose the DS over the PSP just because for them in this case "less is more". The PSP is definetly for people who want their world in the palm of their hands. They're not intimidated by technology and are tech buffs.

The DS, like the wii, is for people who want something simple and to the point. Stripped bear to the very essentials and only have what you need to have fun. I prefer the PSP/PS3 combination because it makes me happy in the pants.

rofldings4334d ago

Could we see another PS1vsN64-style victory for Sony?


pwnsause4334d ago

i dont think so, not in this generation of handhelds.

PS360WII4334d ago

It is pretty crazy how Sony pulled off it's handheld. Nintendo pretty much made all others walk away from the handheld world but Sony has put it's foot in the door. It won't take over the DS but it has a market in this world.

resistance1004334d ago

Well to be fair the psp is the first handheld which has actually given a nintendo handheld real competition ever. Credit go's to sony for that one

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