GameShout reviews Turok

"Overall, Turok is another first person shooter, but it stands out as something different with a storyline than had been done in this kind of game in the past in this genre. It stands out in the crowd and maintains an element of fun, and though it is a Mature rated game by the ESRB, it does not go overboard with the blood and gore. I enjoyed the game play style and the way the game kept moving forward and found it a fitting game for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and I look forward to seeing how it's handled on the PC which is scheduled for release in May of this year. Though it may have its flaws in some of the graphic issues and game save features that I found unfavorable, when taken as a whole, I found Turok as one of those FPS games that I could recommend. I gave the game a score of 8.0 out of 10."

Review by Maverick for GameSHOUT

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oaktown234326d ago

If you played the demo it is not worth a 8 out of 10 gameshout is smoking some crack over there dont buy this game it sucks