Call of Duty 4 Community Mapping Contest

Infinity Ward: We have launched the official Mod Tools for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PC and to celebrate, we're holding a 'Community Mapping Contest' which allows you, the community, to take map making into your own hands and create custom multiplayer maps for the #1 selling game of 2007.

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name4328d ago

I'll have to pick this game up for my PC I guess. I usually play it on my PS3 just because of my friends list, but I can't say no to mods. Maybe they can pull an UT3 and have the mods be available for the PS3 version as well?

Ares844328d ago

I have the game for the PS3 and I can't stop playing it. It would be great if we could have mods working on the PS3. Too bad I won't spend $50 for the PC version just so I can make some maps. They should just let us build the maps if you have any version of the game (PS3, PC or 360) Just enter whatever number the game has and than you can use the mod tool. Oh well, maybe I'm the only one who thinks like that. They are just a company who want to milk people :)

SCThor4328d ago

take the UT3 example and you will have a winner for looong time

Bolts4328d ago

Not possible without a totally massive patch and CoD 4 on the PC is a totally different beast. On console's ground war mode 8 vs 8 feels like a tactical squad battle, with the PC's every mode is 16 vs 16. It doesn't matter what game mode you play, sabo, domination, TDM etc...the PC's online match feels like you're in right in middle of WW3. The intensity and carnage is just way over the top.

zainkool4328d ago

I love this idea... i want this for the ps3 if not IW can release this maps for the ps3

Jdoki4327d ago

On the bottom of the download/info page for the contest it states:

" 1 - Design your maps around your platform of choice (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3); as you never know where it could end up."

Fingers crossed it means downloadable maps for all platforms!