Hawken console version ‘definitely on the horizon’, says dev

Adhesive Games co-founder Chris Lalli has revealed that a Hawken console version is ‘definitely on the horizon’, but the PC launch in December is the studio’s main focus.

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Perjoss3250d ago

this is great news, I've had my eye on this for a while now.

GodHandDee3250d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this would be amazing on the vita? The control options of the vita and playing this game on my bed = a real time sinker

000013250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

yes! i am so stoked about this. Hawken is just like the Crysis and Witcher series, Hawken is a game that makes console owners jealous of pc owners. i was really hoping to hear this news ever since i saw the game. great news!

Relientk773250d ago

Omg yes finally. I have been waiting for this news. The game looks totally badass

DeadlyFire3250d ago

hmm...Next-gen or this gen? If Next-gen is 2013 then its likely next gen.

000013250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

hopefully they would wait and release it on next-gen so the multiplayer part of the game can have longevity online, because i doubt this gen is going to last another full year until next-gen is at least announced. so i'd much rather wait and play it on next-gen.

Freakazoid20123250d ago

Dude it is not like PS3 and 360 will suddenly die out when new consoles are announced. Not every PS3/360 owner will rush out on the day the PS4/720 launches and move on. It's never happened and never will.
People are buying those consoles as we speak, why would they wait 6-7 years to buy a PS3/360 just to rush out and buy a PS4/720 at launch? That doesnt make sense at all..

I expect both 360 and PS3 to last years after their replacements release.

Perjoss3250d ago

I could be wrong, but aren't they still releasing PS2 games?

edit: a little google search turned up results for FIFA 12 and 13 both for PS2 so I guess they are.

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The story is too old to be commented.