Ones to Watch: February 2008 PC Releases

Aeropause writer Joe Haygood gives a list of great new titles that are worth buying in the month of February on the PC.

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Charlie26884329d ago

The only ones of that bunch that seems interesting is Sins of the Solar Empire but until then I will continue with my Universe at War W00t! XD

mclazyj4329d ago

Another Universe at War fan. I need to get your gamertag so I can play some online. I have not seen any matches as of late online.

Charlie26884329d ago

Dude have you been able to go online with the game? cuz I cant even log to my account cuz ever time I try to log it tells there is a update available and that it will processed to update and the thing stay updating for HOURS until I have no other choice but to abort the update


mclazyj4329d ago

Yeah, the update does take a long time. I had to let it go for about 45 minutes. But it did finally update. You might be able to get the update directly from Sega's Website or Microsoft's website. Might be worth a look.

The game is a lot of fun even though I have just started playing. Hope to see you online. my gamertag is mclazyj if you are interested.

Charlie26884328d ago

I LOVED the game if you just started you are probably with Novus right now that are cool (I feel like cheating every time I use them :P) but once you get to play with Hierarchy oh boy you are in for a surprise I found them to be the most bizarre and innovative faction in a RTS EVER I mean having a walking base were your buildings are massive walkers armed to the teeth that you can upgrade with a massive amount of equipment to fit all purposes :D

Don't worry I will add you so we can hopefully play once this game decides to update >.>

mesh14328d ago

frontline fuels of war is going to be a monster hit releasing for the pc/360 this feb im in the multiplayer betaand the multiplayer is amazing

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gamesblow4329d ago

This was one of the most absurd, shallow, boring, games I've ever played... I'd literally rather stand by a wall and have people hurl $#itty diapers at me than to play this game again or buy it for that matter.

It had sucks written all over it. Everywhere!