Microsoft says 360 Elite is just so hot right now, no SKU changes planned

Engadget writes, naturally curious as to why Xbox 360 Elites are so difficult to find, we went straight to the source -- and Microsoft tells us that demand is simply outstripping supply on the 360 Elite right now, and that no model lineup changes are planned at this time -- especially since the Elite is their hot seller. Well, so much for that conspiracy.

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gamesblow4334d ago

Yeah, hot as in overheating hot... I believe that. I don't believe that the elite's are in such high demand you can't find them, though. Just come to my store in Tustin and you'll see that we ahve plenty.

Bzone244334d ago

Probably just depends on where you live. Anytime anybody gets any in stock in my area, they are usually sold that day. A friend of mine has been trying to get one, but can't seem to catch any in stock.

barom4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

hahahah that's some funny stuff man. overheating hot ahahahah.

@1.1 They never got any because they never get any. My brother was looking for an elite for a long ass time searching nearby Best Buys, Target, Circuit City, Walmart and none of them knew if/when they were gonna get new ones.

He was looking for one with Falcon chipset so he wasn't satisfied with an old one with Zephyr chipset (target had one and best buy had 2-3). Needless to say he went with a premium model.

eLiNeS4333d ago

but in the end we will have the last laugh as the PS3 take a noes dive. There is no stopping the 360, so you might as well jump on for the ride.

Xbox 360 FTW!!!

Bill Gates4334d ago



pswi604334d ago

Microsoft creating perceived "demand" by limiting supply? that's unheard of...

They should have been replacing any RROD console with an elite all along.

Mr PS34334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

And i would not even p!ss on it if it was on fire

Bzone244334d ago

It would be stupid to do so seeing how it runs on electric.

BLUR1114334d ago

yea so hot ive been playing my 360 allday drinking red bull and playing games online, while u dorks go on 360 articles sayin lame same ol crap on em.. shows who the losers are. real gamers play games. and ya'll just go on here all day saying stupid crap about a system while you wait for some games to play

eLiNeS4333d ago

I have an Xbox 360 ELITE and have had no problems with it but its HOT alright, with the best AAA games this gen has seen so far and only going to get better. So either shove off or jump on for the ride, its going to be some ride.

Is the grass looking greener over hear yet? It sure looks it to me when I peek over the fence and see the Fony PofS3 fangirls crying about this and that. LOLooLoloLOlLOoLLOOLlOLOLloL

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socomnick4334d ago

All you have to do is go into the open zone in many Xbox 360 articles and you will see that the majority of the ps3 fans in this site are Ignorant and stupid children.

Meus Renaissance4334d ago

The majority of people on this are hardcore gamers, and there seems to be more PS3 fans here than anything else. Naturally you will see a large amount of them making comments like the above - but that doesn't mean anything in regards to the other PS3 fans. You can't say its the majority.

Many months ago the same thing was happening with PS3 articles because there was alot of negativity in the media. Now it's flipped reversed and so naturally you'll see PS3 fans doing the mocking.

If you go to the forum, many of the above here actually are intelligent gamers who just come here and "have fun" by making provocative comments. But they can in this Open Zone. Just come to the Gamer Zone and you wont have to see any of that.

anh_duong4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

absolutely agree but looking at your post history you aren't much differerent from them. don't talk down the people who are just like you - it makes you look silly...

10 mio ps3 and 16 mio xbox 360 means that anyone who talks down a system he doesn't own is at best sad..

negative fanboyism is dead.. just like you never see ps2 and original xbox fanboys anymore, by end of 2008, ps3 and xbox 360 negative fanboys (those who rubbish other systems) will be in the minority and a dying species..

ruibing4334d ago

I don't mind people advocating or defending their consoles, but I do find offense when they do so by insulting the user base of their rivals. But who am I to criticize your scholarly grammar and educated opinion...

Mr Tretton4334d ago

well not long ago at all, this place was flooded with Xbots dogging PS3 all day long. PS3 fans got tired of it. Revenge!

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