Indie: Warsow – New free to play FPS (video)

When you will be ready to put down your PS3 or Xbox 360 controller, or when you’ll be tired from all those Steam-powered FPS’ and just would like to stop playing Call of Duty in general, some great indie first person shooters are there for you. One of those is also free to play and was released pretty recently – Warsow, by Warsow Team. Fast-paced futuristic FPS set in a cartoonish world is ready to be played on your Windows, Linux or Mac. The game is a cross between Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament 1999 – you move fast, you jump, dodge, dash grabbing power-ups and wielding your rocket-launcher or a laser-gun.

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MySwordIsHeavenly3304d ago

It's been in Alpha since 2005. It's been a complete game since 2006. I highly recommend it to any FPS fans. AMAZING LAN party game.