Arizona GameStop Robbed, Money and PS3 Stolen

Two armed men robbed a GameStop store in Arizona on Tuesday, taking with them some cash and a PS3. The two men had apparently been casing the store and then went in around closing time demanding money and then forcing the clerk get them a PS3 from storage before escaping on foot. While I certainly don't condone robbery, but if you're going to go to all the trouble to hold up a game store and take the time to make the clerk go in the back and get you a PS3, wouldn't you probably load up on other stuff too? (Insert "Not enough titles for the PS3" joke here) If you're going to do the crime and risk jail time, at least make it worth it.

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FamilyGuy4327d ago

Im sure the money that was stolen could be used to buy some games rather than trying to escape on foot with even more bulky items to carry along side the PS3

belal4326d ago

all robbers steal a ps3 instead of an xbox 360 ? thosent the ps3 have noo games hmmmm ? face it everybody wants a ps3 , if the price where at 299 then woho the ps3 would have been first. but now still even with noo big titles yet the ps3 outsells the 360 ;) and btw ps3 has allot of games now pluss dmc4 is hitting next week in europe so expect a spike in sales ;)

killer_trap4326d ago

it's simple why they always choose the ps3... you get a console and a blu-ray player.........

if i get caught steeling something then it better be something good, lol

ambientFLIER4326d ago

Or maybe it's because the PS3 costs more, and can be sold for more? What a crazy idea, right? Say goodbye to your bubbles.

PeeboDaKilla4326d ago

bye bye bubbles indeed.
What's messed up is that he got seven agrees.

Besides the obvious higher resale price of the ps3, there are more people with 360s. The ps3 would be an easier sell.

fusionboxer4326d ago

Are you guys seriously trying to justify why this guy took a ps3 instead of a 360???? Man talk about dumb reasons to argue...

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Jamaicangmr4326d ago

This comment taken from one of the posters at kotaku. As to why robbers always seem to steal PS3's instead of Xbox360's.

"It's obvious why they wanted the PS3. If they had taken a 360 they would have to rob the store over and over again every time they get red-ringed."

Now that made me laugh. lol!

crck4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Imagine if the stolen 360 red-ringed. What are they gonna do? Call MS to fix it? hahaha If you're gonna rob a store do it for something you know will work in a year or two.

kurochi4326d ago

I don't understand is why did they only take 1 PS3? There's 2 guys robbing the place, you would think that they'd at least take two so that they can play each other over the network????

Kids.... this just shows you that education is important or else you wouldn't even know how to be a thief....

ambientFLIER4326d ago

The reason they only took one PS3 is because the two decent games on the system are single player, uncharted and ratchet.

Also, another reason they took it is because the 360 and the Wii were all sold out from the high demand.


Iron Man 24326d ago appears these thieves were well informed,but If I were them I would have stole at least one more PS3 with a few PS3 games aswell to make it worth it;)

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The story is too old to be commented.