Din's Curse Review (Proven Gamer)

In a culture of gaming that often demands a constant stream of new substance and material, it is quite ambitious to reignite some of the basic mechanics that many great games-of-old flaunted. Din’s Curse takes what seems to be a leap back in time, implementing components that many Diablo, Gauntlet and Warcraft fans will immediately recognize...

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AmigoSniped3073d ago

This game looks really interesting, I haven't heard much about. Might pick it up.

Mutant-Spud3073d ago

I played the demo on the weekend, it's quite good, lots of risk v reward situations and as the blurb on their site says "Like Diablo but with dungeons that fight back".
There are also a bunch of modifiers you can put on the game when you start a new town, they set the conditions for victory and such, that could add a lot of replay value. Hey it's $8.99, I've paid more for a Hamburger, it's a good deal even if it's not an up to the minute game in terms of graphics and bells n whistles.