Huxley Sapien City Overview Videos

Download two new videos that walk you in and around the Sapien's main city.

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Eclipse4325d ago

game looks like it's gonna be just another average multiplayer FPS.

I might pick it up for my PC.

tony4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

the unreal engine 3 graphical pop ups and the poor animation needs work badly. big city though but, still looking average.
another shadowrun in the making only with a bigger number capacity of players.

wageslave4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Disagree totally. This is going to be a epic tale told in a dystopian world. The video shows a wonderfully crafted gameworld, with terrific art-direction.

Then, the 120 concurrent Multiplayer -- MMFPS they call it (sure, its a marketing word, but whatever...).

I really wish we were getting more information about the gameplay. What are we seeing in this video? It has a MMORPG-like-look, and, what are those kiosks?

This video *raises* more questions than it answers, and, from the look of it, Huxley is proving to be a unique and genre-creating game for the console.

Im buying this game on day one.

LJWooly4324d ago

The informed thing to do would be to sit back for a while and see how it turns out, rather than setting yourself up for disappointment. The fact that we still haven't seen any gameplay for this, after seeing trailers back at the 360's launch, is very disconcerting.

We still haven't seen any gameplay, and this looks like potential let-down material to me. Don't over-hype it.

I would really like it to be good, but i'm not getting my hopes up.

mesh14324d ago

compare this game t the other mmfps coming out this year THE AGENCY and you will find out huxley makes the agency seem like a joke,huxley will be a great and amazing game.

Eclipse4324d ago

Blademask until you don't find a headline that saids" Huxley looks better than x PS3 exclusive" or anything of that nature you won't see anybody here.

I really expect this game too sell poorly

power of Green 4324d ago

When trolling every 360 thread you can find you should visit the open Zone.

This will be a good game.

LJWooly4324d ago

Power of Green, most of your comments in the gamer zone get deleted by a mod, you hyppocrite. Learn not to troll yourself, before you go off on other people.

And Prototype, it won't sell poorly, because there won't be much else to buy for the 360 when it comes out.
That was't meant to be fanboyish, by the way. I really mean it. Even if it's good that's the main reason it's going to sell.

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fanboi hater4324d ago

before i can honestly judge but it looks boring. Whats the point of having a big open world if there is nothing to do. They mind as well just have the multiplayer matches. However, its early so well see how it turns out.

wageslave4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I agree, this video actually raises more questions than it answers.

We do know that Huxley is being billed as a "MMOFPS" -- but what we saw there didnt really show "FPS" (3rd person actually..) and it didnt show the in-game combat.

But, what they do show actually makes the game more intriguing, it shows a dimension of the game that really hasnt been discussed.

This makes the game more interesting and certainly more exciting.


Regarding my post 1.3 above. Why the disagrees? Will no one respond in a worthwhile discussion? It seems (based on my bubbles and the disagrees) that I must be too close to the truth, there is a well-known element on this website that is more interested in flamewars and censorship than honest discussion. Even here in the "Gamer Zone", it seems N4G isnt going to be able to rise to the level of honest discourse.

Now, go ahead and take my bubbles so that you can enjoy an N4G free from reality.

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