Conker: Live and Reloaded, Jade Empire headed to Xbox Live Marketplace?

If the recent appearance of Conker: Live and Reloaded and Jade Empire screenshots on a Microsoft press FTP site are any indication, the two classic titles could be coming to Xbox Live Marketplace in the near future.

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mintaro4328d ago

i hope jade empire gets added, that game was awesome
not so hot on conkers, the n64 verison in my opinion was better

BlackIceJoe4328d ago

Its great to see more great games get added to Xbox Live. I hope this time around more people will play Jade Empire. It was a great game built by a great studio called Bioware.

creeping judas4328d ago

was the best RPG on the og XBOX. Elder Scrolls was good, but f**ked up with the quest book.

MK_Red4328d ago

Conker is an insanely awesome game. Hopefully Rare will make a sequel for 360 one day.

Daishi4328d ago

It brings a tear to my eye to see them bring it back, it's my favorite platformer of all time! Guess I don't need to buy it since it sits next to my copy of Halo 3 but everyone else needs to get this who hasn't yet experienced it! (If your old enough that is, M rating for a reason)

Dark_Vendetta4328d ago

I was thinking about buying this, but I only saw it for 30 bucks and that was too much for an old Xbox game. 1200 Points would be perfect for me. Pls MS!!!

Grown Folks Talk4328d ago

& cheaper to buy used at your local game store than it would be on the MP. The only xbox original that costs more than 1200 points is Halo.

phony force slayer4328d ago

i loved conquer online
i loved the DUM DUM bullets