Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stage Editor Impressions by GameSpy

Super Smash Bros. Brawl embraces two aspects of modern gaming with open arms: online play and user-created content. GameSpy spent some time playing with the stage editor, figuring out exactly how many spikes they can lay down on a floor (the answer is plenty!) and what makes for an enjoyable map. Their first creations were bare-bones open-air stages with a couple platforms, but they're excited to see that there's a lot you can do here, even if at the outset you're fairly limited by only a small amount of tool options.

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gamesblow4779d ago


June of 1995 that game was released into arcades... It solidified itself as the very 1st MASCOT VS MASCOT brawler. However good or bad it was is irrelevant. Nintendo, once again, looks to others for their ideas. They've done it for almost 30 years now and they'll continue.

OC Shock Value4779d ago

Cant wait 2 build my own arena.. i will call it "The Panic Room"

OC Shock Value4779d ago

Well nintendo did it right.. the other game is a stepped on bug in the world of gaming.. and sorry to inform you.. NOBODY cares man.. hopefully you get brawl so i can whoop your a$$ for being a cry baby

gamesblow4779d ago

You fail to see my driving point... It's not about how good or bad the game was. It's how Nintendo gets all this credit for being the front runners of gaming and my blogs go to show you they're not. My blogs and Sonic Fighters proves one thing... Nintendo looks at the competitions stuff and they act upon it.

Make your claims they do it better... that's fine. It's your opinion to think that way. But under no circumstance can you make the claim they did it before anyone.

My points are valid against Nintendo. To further this, you're not trying to tell me Miyamoto never heard of R&C when I have pictures of him playing Crash 3 and Jak 3 at two different E-3's.

If he knows what those games are... He knows full well what R&C is. More over, that R&C used the same spherical planets in 3-d space well before Galaxy did.

Case closed.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4779d ago

we care because mr f4g is getting credit and $$$$$ where someone else should be.

Night4ll4779d ago

So your logic is... just because Miyamoto played to other games, he has to know about Ratchet and Clank. This whole thing is stupid... No one can definitely say that Miyamoto is lying about never hearing about the game... not unless you can read minds...

Furthermore designers get inspiration from many places... it is possible for two different designers to come up with the same or similar idea even if they've never seen each others work. There were games much earlier than Ratchet and Clank that used spherical worlds. So does that means insomniac stole the idea from them? Of course not... I don't even know the R&C game that used spherical worlds... it must not have been that popular.

Just play and enjoy games people...

gamesblow4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

You can make your claims all you want... Truth is... Nintendo steals. All the time. From everyone. The very 1st "True" 3-d "traversal "spherical" planets were done by Insomniac in R&C 2... Deal with it.

Also, of interest... You said you didn't know they had them in it and they must not have been very popular. No, see... Insomniac set their gae apart by giving us diversity. Tons of it. You weren't restricted the whole game to walking around tiny spherical planets like Mario Galaxy does 90% of the way thru. No, see ... Insomniac gave you giant, beautiful levels to explore and in between those levels they gave you spherical planets as objectives.

Diversity... they didn't bank their whole game on the concept and had they done it, they might've actually got the credit for it.

Night4ll4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

Insomniac stole the whole platformer idea from Nintendo... I mean Nintendo made the first true platformer right?

Intrepid4779d ago

Night411 pwn'd gamesblow.

@ gamesblow
Nintendo started experimenting with spherical worlds right after Super Mario 64 was released. They have game plans for Galaxy dating back to the 1990's. According to you, its not possible for two groups to come up with the same idea on their own. Your claims are absurd.

gamesblow4779d ago

Nitfall, you just made my point for me... You're brainwashed by Nintendo and their propaganda. You honestly believe they made the 1st platform game? ahahahah... My blog just proved that theory wrong, Timmy. Pitfall was the very 1st, "true" platform game. Stolen ideas, Paul.

As for the other smack... in 2000 you say they had plans for Mario Galaxy, huh? Well, in 1999 Insomniac started work on R&C as soon as they were handed Ps2 initial dev kits. It 1st had a girl carrying a stick and then later was changed to R&C.

You both lose. Don't try to go at it with me. I'm a success for a reason. My site has thousands of hits a day for a reason. I know my history.

Intrepid4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

people go to your site to laugh at its ridiculousness. I never said 2000. I said 1990's. Plans for Galaxy date back to 1997, dude. And so what if plans for R&C started in 1999? We're talking about R&C2, aren't we?

Edit: I found this little piece of information. It pretty much destroys Gamesblow.
In there, it cleary states that Donkey Kong, released in 1981 is the first true platformer.

ChickeyCantor4779d ago

" You're brainwashed by Nintendo and their propaganda"
and now you are trying to spread yours, how hitler like can you get ?

gamesblow have a bit self respect and do some research you are getting pathetic really.

you hate nintendo, fine but dont tell others what they should believe.
who says you know it all?

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wiizy4779d ago

nintendo created a masterpiece and an absolute huge game.. a real value for your money.... this should be game of the year for sure base on contents alone.. haters will hate,but its already destroying any so call competition

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