Wii U details for Japan won’t be announced at a September Nintendo Conference

We knew Nintendo wouldn’t announce any Japanese Wii U details during last night’s Nintendo Direct. They told us so prior to the broadcast to avoid disappointment.

So then, what about Nintendo’s annual conference they hold every year in September? Surely that would be the right place to do it?

Apparently not.

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WildStyles3805d ago

Just what are they waiting for?

Silver-Hawk3805d ago

They are trying to create more buzz in order to garner a lot of sales during the holiday season but only fanboys are interested in it. Look at all the secrecy for a system that's due to arrive this year and it doesn't make any sense to me.

Most information about the Wii u are all made up by fanboys. The true information that is known about the Wii u like the system being as powerful as this gens system and won't have a lot of games at launch were shown and announced at e3.

Axonometri3805d ago

Misinformation is just as bad or worse than no information.

LOL_WUT3805d ago

I think they're trying to pull a fast one and just release the information a day before this thing releases. That way it wont hurt their sales as much if the specs are to be weak.

beerkeg3805d ago

When the Wii U is launched it will be launched with an advertising campaign that will make everyone know it is being launched.

Nintendo know how to advertise their products, and they will support it well. And considering the launch lineup, third party support is looking good.

The other console companies don't have as much to show this Xmas, so a Wii U will be on top of the list of the vast majority of gamers that don't troll Nintendo articles on n4g.

G20WLY3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Okay, this is silly now.

It's gone beyond building buzz/excitement and is just making me doubt the system's capabilities now.

I've sat here ignoring the doubters all this time, but this news makes you think, 'oh well, that 300 I put aside will go on games for my existing consoles', as I certainly won't be pre-ordering something I don't understand... :(

Mind is made up; I'm waiting at least 6 months 'til I even consider one, which, frankly makes me feel a bit sad.

camel_toad3805d ago

I really think Nintendo is holding back the system specs because it will show how small of a step it is above the ps3 and 360 - PS3 being the most recent next gen console which launched 6 years go.

From what little we know about the WiiU it sounds like it isn't much more powerful (if at all) than the ps3 or 360 which already have been around quite a long time.

They know if they release the system specs they will lose plenty of core gamers if it doesn't at least meet their expectations. Only the most faithful Nintendo loyalists (dying number), casual wii fans and pure neutral gamers that buy every system (that's me) will even buy it.

Maybe the tablet will make it special and the specs won't matter but going by my distaste for the casual-friendly wiimotes I'm more inclined to think its going to be a huge letdown of a console.

The only exclusive launch title I care about is ZombiiU but most other worthwhile launch titles will have already been released on current gen systems and pc.

glopez3805d ago

This generations consoles can't even do 720p let alone 1080p native. From the mouth of Nintendo themselves the wiiu can. If the 360 tried to stream to two screens plus the TV itself it would probably melt. Granted it will be 720p and 30fps while it does it but it still can. This gens consoles were/are good but the wiiu will be stronger just by going with those facts. Now imagine what we still dont know about it.

camel_toad3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


First off PLENTY of games on 360 and ps3 do 720p so implying otherwise is just ignornance. Second, you label it a fact that the WiiU can do 1080p. Sony said the same thing about the ps3 but in reality only a handful of titles (mostly 2D) have ever hit 1080p so what leads you to believe Nintendo will pull off any more titles in 1080p than the current systems?

glopez3805d ago

Most of the games that come out are UPSCALED to 720p with 30 fps. Both on the ps3 and 360. Some maybe 720p native but most aren't. Now account for the fact that the wiiu can stream to 3 different screens at once. The processor must be pretty powerful to be able to accomplish that don't you think? So my point still stands that the wiiu must be stronger than current gen consoles. Notice how I say "must" and not "is". Until it's released we won't know for sure.

avengers19783804d ago

@glopez... I'm pretty sure part of that will be because there is also a processor in the controller... Just saying it's not all going to be done by one WiiU Processor

Zhipp3804d ago

I thought both Assassin's Creed 3 and Arkham City were confirmed to be running at 1080p on the Wii U.

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Godmars2903805d ago

Waiting until the holiday "buy" spell is in full effect I guess.

But of course if they get it wrong they'll literally have no wiggle room and their stock will go utterly crazy, regardless of how it sells post holidays.

Lucretia3805d ago

they want to get as many pre orders as possible, if they show everyone that the wii isn't as powerful as people were hoping then alot of people would withdraw their pre-orders.

with a very weak launch line up, power barely above a 360 (as seen so far from the ports) then no one will want it except for the hardcore.

now if nintendo had a beast of a console (a true next gen console) where the power difference was drastically noticable (like ps1-2,3, xbox-xbox 360 etc) then no one would care

but we dont see anything proving otherwise but a gimmicky map screen controller and ports that look worse than their current versions.

torchic3805d ago

I think this is pretty much it. it honestly seems like Nintendo don't believe in their own console.

if you as a company don't believe in yourself how do you expect the rest of us to believe in you? I don't get it.

ChickeyCantor3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

\double post ugh

ChickeyCantor3805d ago

"as seen so far from the ports"

Yeah...yer a genius,Licretia.

yourmom29213805d ago

"as seen so far from the ports"

WHOA THERE... never go full retard!

nerdkiller3804d ago

@ sidar your vocabulary on the english language is god damn awful

nerdkiller3804d ago

im going to have to agree with you nintendo is going to do the wii all over again just like they said if ps3 and 360 dont use hd it wont be that big of a difference boy was nintendo full of it when they said that

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torchic3805d ago


this is getting ridiculous. why won't they show us specs? price? never in my life have I seen a "marketing" campaign like this one, not telling your customers what it is that they will be buying.

this is crazy

Lucretia3804d ago

exactly, but people are willing to blindly run into things and waste their money.

so far i have been right with the 3ds and the wii-u. the 3ds is picking up though, but the wii-u isnt out and it doesn't look good.

just looks like a rushed 6 years to late cash in.

after ps4 and 720 release in 2 years nintendo will release their newer console 2-3 years later, then towards the end of the life cycles of the ps4 and 720 nintendo will release another console.

they have been running on 5 year cycles for a while now. since the 64. Released last and first to lose support, same with GC and same with wii, next up wii-u

DeadlyFire3804d ago

They will likely hit the net with the conference they are having in September internationally.

rainslacker3804d ago

Probably because whatever the specs, you'll likely see 1000 articles about how it's underpowered and it's doomed before it's even released. Even if the machine is powerful and a good step into the next generation it will be compared to MS/Sony's offerings which could hurt the hype for the system. The longer they delay the more they can focus on the things they are trying to get the consumer to focus on, (ie. touchscreen, new IP's, better looking ports, etc.)

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AngelicIceDiamond3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Its been a little over year since it got announced, and Nintendo has only shown a few of there cards since then. Umm in case Nintendo hasn't realized, Sony has allot of popular family friendly titles coming out in the next quarter. As well as MS's Halo, Forza and Fable Journey. Plus huge block busters like COD, ACIII Far Cry and RE6. Leaving very little room for Nintendo's console of interest.

Nintendo fanboys will absolutely buy it day 1. Everybody else will be hitting the titles I mentioned above and call it a holiday.

What Nintendo should have talked about was the core aspects of the console, beyond the pad like details on the service, storage etc. Talk about exclusives and 3rd party games that ABSOLUTELY will make the launch window via console.

Gaming season is just around the corner, and Nintendo is digging themselves a whole by dodging these conferences.

stuntman_mike3805d ago

I would like to know about other services apart from the controller also, what software will be featured apart from the miiverse thing, i know they said we can use our own HDD but i would like to know more on that, can all games be played on the gamepad?

I'm eager as others to find out more on this console.

greenpowerz3805d ago

We will see if the Wii U can compete with the AAA kinect games coming out this holiday. Nintendo isn't giving enough exposure to their console to turn casuals away from the new hotness in the casual world(kinect)

I want to believe nintendo is trying to keep the details secret because they don't want the competition getting any funny ideas vs hiding their specs due to slapping the new console together because of kinect becoming the new casual standard.

Grimhammer003805d ago

I'm sorry. It smacks of fear. Of you have the next big thing in console gaming - you don't hide it until very last moment to advertise. Do you?

I don't recall Wii waiting until the last minute.

I recently saw asscreed 3 demoed on both ps3 & wiiU.......PS3 looked finished and AA was smooth.
wiiU looked finished but terrible AA. Jaggies were plentiful.

This close to launch I refuse to believe it'll improve that much.

Only way I see WiiU becoming a smash hit is a combination of incredible price & unannounced 1st party last minute releases.

Khordchange3805d ago

wii did wait till the last minute

greenpowerz3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

To hide Its specs so the Wiimote would be the only thing drawing attention in the gaming world due to the MSFT and Sony spec wars(which started even before the 360 launched)

N4G back when each console had It's own sister site actually help start the spec wars(Sony lying about specs didn't help either)

If I were Nintendo I'd be scared too.

This is what I remember...

-360 was attacked for launching first and It's capability was envied.

-360 specs were attacked while wild predictions were made about not yet released PS3 specs and capability for comfort

-Sony starts boasting PS3 specs and capability often making up wild lies.

-PS3 releases and shows Sony was lying and PS fans were wrong.

-Nintendo says nothing about its up coming console to avoid irrelevance, only talking about Wii's motion concept.

-Sony 1st party studios start making tailored engines for PS3 exclusives that strip games down to a minimum compared to MSFT games and other 3rd party games allowing extra resources to make linear and static games look really good. Saving Sony some face.

-Sony fans start conditioning the industry in thinking this Sony game design tactic proves PS3 greatness.

-3rd party devs start making technologically superior engines and games compared to PS3 exclusives that sometimes look better, are bigger, more open, and have more complex social online design.

-Consumers start seeing this and prevents PS3 from beating the 360 while consumers buy the 360 silently and loyal PS stay denial.

-Nintendo plans to release a new console due to the hardware not being able to run most modern multi platform games hurting demographics outside of the casual world.

-Nintendo hides the Wii U specs at all costs knowing the spec wars will draw them into a new console war instead of being above the fighting, after watching the current gen history.

Outside_ofthe_Box3805d ago

***"This is what I remember..."***

Wow. Your memory is definitely a hell of a lot fuzzy.

ziggurcat3805d ago

i think they're clearly hiding something by not giving us any details on the specs of this system...

AngelicIceDiamond3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Either that or they're simply not ready. Now that I think about it, I came to the conclusion that Last E3 Nintendo really had no choice but to reveal a new system.

The Wii lost steam in sales and software sales. Nintendo practically forced themselves to talk about a new console because nothing is being made for the Wii. Not from third party and certainly not 1st party.

So, it sounds like Nintendo isn't truly ready. Yeah, they gave us info but the info is suppose to build in the coming months Nintendo is suppose to release more and more information.

Instead they're going backwards, Very little info at E3. No show at Gamescon and no show at TGS from what it sounds like.

Imo, Nintendo needs to do what Sony did with the Vita and release the console in Japan only. And release it everywhere else in in Late Jan early Feb.

America knows all about the holiday quarter and there usually content on what they buy and spend. Throwing a console in the mix with last min full blown details won't cut in the U.S anymore.

chrisarsenalsavart3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

It is weird and pretty unethical for a company to offer a pre ordering option without giving the consumer all information about the product they re about to sell.
I am not going to preorder something without any clear ideas of it,s potential.

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