UK retail hails GTA IV as 'event of 2008'

The retail community is buzzing in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto IV's release, following Rockstar's confirmation of an April 29th release date – with many key figures from the trade voicing confidence in the title's record-smashing ability.

"As with previous GTA releases, GTA IV will be the benchmark for all future releases with regards to volume of sales. The question is what will sell more: PS3 or Xbox 360?" said Jonathan Edwards, games buying manager at Tesco.

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xjoshbx4332d ago

The playstation has always been the home for GTA. I don't think anything will be different. the 360 version will sell very good but i still believe the ps3 will have the best outcome. I have friends who have only a 360 and say they would rather have gta4 on the ps3 simply because thats what they are use to and the controls just feel right.

Mr_Showtime14332d ago

ps3 or 360?

easy 360, there twice as many 360s out there at this point in time

myslef however will be picking it up on my ps3 over my xbox