2008 The Year of the Epic Game; Wii Left Out?

As part of a report on the casual boom in 2007, the analysts at DFC Intelligence also briefly discussed the traditional, hardcore gamer's market – "the complex epic game with the $20 million development budget and $60 retail price tag." While an investment in these types of games is an increasingly risky proposition for some publishers, and the casual market has seen a big surge, DFC believes "a huge and growing chunk of consumers are out there waiting to play these type of products." In fact, DFC suggests that 2008 "could be the year of the epic game."

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Jack Bauer4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

oops should be in the open section :P

JsonHenry4326d ago

The "Epic" game being StarCraft 2?

I think so too. : )

eLiNeS4325d ago

more like the generation of the 360.

There is no stopping the 360.

Jack Bauer4326d ago

The Casual gamers will get their game this year most likely... the ultimate killer app... Wii Sports 2!!!!

Dmack794326d ago

Didn't Nintendo say that they didn't have any plans to make another one?

The only AAA title they have this year is SSBB....That's it.....nothing else.

Anyway, "the year of the epic game(s)." Mostly refers to the the Sony Playstation 3. I'm sure you are all familiar by now w/ all of the killer app titles that the PS3 and ONLY the PS3 has this year.

And if geow 2 is announced for the 360. Then don't expect it to release this year. I'm sure Epic is going to take their time on that game and make sure it's better than the 1st. ESPECIALLY since Resistance 2 goes up 60 FREAKIN PLAYERS online, and has 8 player co-op. And KZ2 as well.

The way I see it, is that this is the year that will tell of the PS3 is destined to win, or doomed to fail. And from here their future looks extremely bright.

BladedKnucklz4326d ago

Hey here's a thought............ Nintendo just needs to quit with the B.S. already and drop trhe bomb on us all with a STAR WARS game using that NEW POWERGLOVE they knowingly have under wraps. IMAGINE doing the DEATH GRIP or using the FORCE PUSH!!!!!!

If we don't imagine.......technolgy would never advance!!

bootsielon4326d ago

Aside from Mario Kart and Smash Bros on Wii, there's really nothing to look forward to. Oh yeah, Wii Play 2, Mario Party 10, Wii Sports 2, Wii Music, and Wii Fit. *YAWN*

TheExecutive4326d ago

I think the 360 has a more pressing problem when it comes to the user base and although they have gotten better this generation it almost exclusively appeals to the hardcore gamer. The PS3 has this issue, but to a smaller extent. Now to the hardcore gamer, this is good news. To MS it isnt. They are having a hell of a time expanding their user base and I believe it is due to the stigma that it is a fps console.

The wii is too casual for me, the 360 doesnt have the LBP's or the pixel junk games that I enjoy on the ps3. Now this is all my opinion of course but I think the wii doesnt appeal to a broad enough market and the same goes for the 360.

The wii may sell a lot of consoles but the hardcore gamer is what brings the money in (look at the attach rate of the 360... staggering). The 360 doesnt appeal to a wide enough base and therefore doesnt sell enough consoles but gets the money from the hardcore userbase.

The ps3 is too expensive at the moment and therefore only appeals to the hardcore gamer. However, their gaming library is becoming diverse enough to draw the hardcore gamer in along with the casual gamer when the price is lowered to below 299. Sony needs to get that price down and they will be right in the middle, someplace between the hardcore and the casual gamer. Thats where the money is, and thats why i like the ps brand: they have a very diverse lineup of games.

liquidsnake4326d ago

The problem with the Wii is that most games seems to be kinda childish. On the other hand xbox is too hardcore. PS3 is ideal, since its in between.

Hellgiver4326d ago

I've always thought of it going in this order: Wii, 360, PS3. The Wii is this little childish thing, the 360 is owned by everyone and is the middle ground, the PS3 is this huge beast that is usually owned only by the older gamers (a huge reason being the price tag, IMO). Of course, this is just my opinion.

MikeGdaGod4326d ago

i'm so tired of playing the same Nintendo games for the last 20 years. the same goals, the same enemies, the same heros, the same everything. its just too boring. there becomes a time were you outgrow the things you were interested in when you we 5 years old. Nintendo games are one of those things.

Sony's platforms have a wide variety of games so when i'm in the mood to play something on the kid side (R&C) i can and when i wanna play something serious (MGS4) i can.

this year is going to be great for me because alot of the type of games i want (serious, single-player, epic) will be out and i can't wait.

Lord_Ash4326d ago

I don't know what Nintendo is hiding up their sleaves, but I know that hardcore gammers will be happy this year and Metal gear will be leading the Pack.

mesh14326d ago

im a hardcore gamer and thinks the wii should watch the 360 as it caters for the casual+ hardcore gamers the best

robbo9184326d ago

The 360 caters to casual and hardcore the best??? Man have you had a UA done on you lately, if not you should then check yourself in somewhere.

Wii is a fad that has just lived longer than most fads do IMO. The game line up for 2008 is nothing to get excited about, the graphics are last gen, and for me its just not that interesting.

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