Robbers Take A Wii, Claim It Wasn't What They Were After (Yeah, Right)

Two women were held at gunpoint in their home in Kansas City, MO, after robbers kicked their door in. The thieves were apparently looking for cash and drugs, but after realizing they had just broken into the wrong house, they ran off with a Wii instead.

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liquidsnake4332d ago

Ofcourse they weren't. What they really wanted was a Ps3.

Quickstrike4332d ago

or hoping to find all 3 systems and take them all XD

gamesblow4332d ago

Nintendo... the company who manufactured over 40 million virtua boys and only sold 2 million of them. Nintendo, the company who manufactured over 50 million gamecubes and only sold 24 million of them.

That Nintendo... why would they make more wii's? If they made more wii's and wii's were viable to everyone then the demand would go down. When the demand went down so would the consumer interest. Nintendo purposly hasn't made enough. They've crafted this whole shortage bit on purpose and it's worked out for them.

Nintendo, once again, gets credit for preexisting work. That's what best describes the Wii. You can't tell me Nintendo just can't make enough of these low spec machines. I'm sorry... They had more than enough gamecubes at launch. Gamecubes sitting around for weeks. It's the same hardware basically. Nintendo are liars, folks.

Learn to live with it.

Intrepid4332d ago

Does it make you feel happy inside?

Quickstrike4332d ago

I guess it does. The robbers was after drugs and money not a Wii (so they claim)

KeiZka4332d ago

Something crawled up your arse and died there, gamesblow? I cannot understand that vehement mentality you have there against Nintendo for being a gaming corporation.

wiizy4332d ago

the wii is just that popular.. after wii fit and smash comes out over here .. its over

Iron Man 24332d ago

Wiifit?LMFAO that isn't even a game!XD

oaktown234331d ago

They take a wii that is only 249 a pop then take a laptop to look up porn and stuff how sad that is them robbers.