My Dealings with Excruciatingly Bad Games

John of GAMElitist.com - "I’ve been burned a few times when buying games. It happened more often when I was a kid. There were times where I spent around $20 on a game and ended up playing a slideshow or a very underdeveloped game that only hooked me because of its fantastic box art."

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shodan744285d ago

Great article. The worst game purchase I ever made was that horrible Street Fighter: The Movie game when the PlayStation first launched. It was my first ever console - a leap forward in possibility - and I could have had WipEout, or Tekken. Nope. Shitty, awful Street Fighter: The Movie it was. Uggh.


Humble Bundle packs complete Dungeons trilogy and DLC

Humble Bundle has a new bundle that packs Dungeons, Dungeons 2, Dungeons 3, and a bunch of DLC. As always, a percentage of profits from the bundle go to charity.

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker team is working on a sequel

Dungeons & Dragon’s most famous sibling comes back to Kickstarter in February

olorin8181590d ago

I am just playing through the first game in the series, and really enjoying it. They've done great job with the game, and consequent patching it (I understand there were balancing issues at launch).

But I don't understand why they're taking the sequel on Kickstarter. The first game should have been proving grounds for them, to be able to take on sequel with sales from the first game. I don't know the figures behind it, or the business model they're going with, and how much of it is driven by the necessity, financial greed, or gauging the interest for sequel (often used to then seek further funding from private investors, when goals at met, demonstrating demand, as it was done with Kingdom Come Develierance).

Vic_Rivers1590d ago

I'm not sure of the financial aspects of it but the first release was pretty awesome.

olorin8181589d ago

Oh definitely! I really enjoy base / kingdom management aspect in rpg games and it was a great to see that implemented. Made the game stand out from other crpgs!


Crawl - PS4 Review – Retro Hit? Or Creepy Miss? - Thumb Culture

A new spin on a old Dungeon Crawler or will this retro game be a miss in the 8 bit world? Come check it out over at Thumb Culture

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