Dutch chart top 10: Burnout on PS3 number 1

In Holland the PS3 version of Burnout has the number 1 position. Second is Mario & Sonic and on 3rd place the X360 version of burnout Paradise.

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zambrota4328d ago

But it doesnt come as a surprise since the europeans love racing games

resistance1004327d ago

@ zambrota

The UK has Chart Track, which is the UK version of NPD basically

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FirstknighT4328d ago

So again here we go with the small areas and their sales. Holland has a population of 6 million. The Bay Area here in California has a population of 8 million.

Seriously what's next? The gamestop in the corner of East 12 Ave. beats out the 360 in Burnout sales!!!!

zambrota4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

and also in most of the gaming charts of european regions.

europeans like racing games.

Europeans now have more purchasing power than the Japanese and the Americans and ps2 sold most in europe(50 million)

I wont be surprised if any console reaches 100m solely in europe this gen

Crysis reached 1m thx to europe. It sold <100k in NA.

all european regions count this gen

pwnsause4328d ago

FirstknighT, the fact of the matter is that PS3 titles perform better in Europe, because as you probably know already the PS3 sells better in Europe than the US,(except in the UK) think of Europe as another country (sorry my European friends, its just to get this guy's head straight), there you see, not everything is in the US. It reminds me of my friend who thinks the US is the only market to sell. seriously. dont think like this, anyone please.

zambrota4328d ago

There is no substantial evidence that suggests that x360 outsells ps3 in terms of HW sales in UK other than Vgchartz(lol)

However you clearly saw how their australian ps3 and x360 sales turned out to be?

GFK hasnt released any ps3/x360 numbers for UK. Last time they commented that ps3 and x360 sales were neck and neck in UK. We dont know the scenario after ps3's price cut over there. However in terms of SW sales x360 has the edge in UK since it has more consoles out there. as for other regions of europe we all know the scenario and we can all see the charts of various EU regions

so no need for flamebait/fight

gamesR4fun4328d ago

lol first night its a country just cause its not as big as the states doesnt mean its not news worthy....
Besides this is just the tip of the iceberg. You want to bet on if the ps3 version sells more worldwide than the 360?
How about if it does you stop posting negative crap on the ps3 news for a year and if the 360 version sells more Ill stop posting on the 360 side.

ngg123454328d ago

That is less then the population of California? What's next we are going to ignore Australia?

zambrota4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

It is the purchasing power.

Even when Europe wasnt performing that well PS2 went on to sell the most there in its lifetime .

In this gen Europe's purchasing power > US +JAPAn

there is no doubt about that. Plus a lot of european gamers are finding interest in console gaming. Not only you have more people who would be buying consoles but also newly CONVERTED to-be console owners there.

EUROPE/PAL is the most significant area this gen . Europe will decide the winner of this gen .

a single console with just ONE SIDED PERFORMANCE in EUROPE can also win this gen. Europeans and middle easterns have heavy brand preferences too

pwnsause4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

zambrota, i dont think so, but lets just end it at that and see the GFK numbers,im pretty convinced that Vgchartz has got this right, dispite the crazy sales numbers. just look at the games that are comming on PS3 in europe soon, thats going to help boost hardware sales.

Moentjers4327d ago

As found in Wikipedia, Holland (more popular name for The Netherlands) is only 2 parts of The Netherlands (6,06 million) but the country itself has 16,402,835 people living in it.
Not that much difference with Australia...

And btw, it's the home of Guerilla Games.

D. from Flanders - still part of Belgium

Bathyj4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

You know its loud mouth Americans that only care about America, that give Americans a bad name.

I can remember you and your crew saying Japanese sales didnt matter and European sale didn't matter, but guess what? With XB only slightly in front in the good ol' USA and getting canned everywhere else, Japanese and Europeans sale do make the difference. Have fun watching you precious one year lead get reeled in just like it already has in most of Europe.

4327d ago
chrno64327d ago

FirstKnight must be an American lol.

Cemperor4327d ago

Dude, do your research. There are 16.4 million people living in Holland (stats are from november 2007).

mesh14327d ago

firstknight dont mind them they only post what soothes them ,we all know the fact that why frontlines fuels of war has become exclusive and alone in the dark 5

4327d ago
digger184327d ago

FirstknighT, you sir are a typical closed minded American, who thinks America is the world. Well guess what? Its far from it. Holland is not a big country like the US, but its still a country no less. If you add up all the people who live in European countries together, they amount to way more than America. Damn, even if you just add Britain, Germany and France together, there are more people living in these than America.

So when I see people like you saying that the US is the largest market, you are totally wrong, Europe is.

bootsielon4327d ago

Moderators, please delete this

supnub54327d ago

ur wrong the netherlands have population of 16mil

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MK_Red4327d ago

I don't care which version is on top, I only want to see Burnout sell and become number one everywhere because it deserves to.

Good find and news.

cartman3134327d ago

Agree. Love Burnout. So much fun, and it has been really addicting.

Rattles4327d ago

i hear the germans love that game?

Leg-End4327d ago

you've seen the angry german kid hahahahah thats mint

leon764327d ago


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