PlayStation All-Stars Gets inFAMOUS With Evil Cole

Another hot summer is winding down as we close in on the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and fans have been asking whether we still have more reveals in store for everyone. Well, we’re not done yet!

Today, the PlayStation All-Stars team attended the GameStop Managers Show in San Antonio, TX, an annual event where the retailer gets to check out the industry’s most anticipated video game titles. During the expo’s keynote we confirmed our latest addition to PlayStation All-Stars’ roster — Evil Cole from Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS series!

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PirateThom2339d ago

He does, at least, look to have different moves anyway.

TheFinalEpisode2339d ago

On the bright side this pretty much confirms Raiden, Nariko and Sir Daniel. All the revealed characters where in the big leak a few months ago, and I'm pretty sure it's not the full roster yet, Paul Gale said there where at least two more females so there are still surprises to be revealed! :)

typikal822339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Nariko and Kai probably

I would hope for Sasha or one of the infamous 2 girls

Nimblest-Assassin2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Kinda disappointed... if all those characters who leaked are the final roster

Also a bit sad that the game is double dipping with evil cole. A thing I hated with SSB... at least he has very different moves... but I wish they got some one from a different IP

This choice was theirs... they could have had Wander or some one else from sony first party

And really? EVIL COLE MCGRATH? Kinda seems awkward to say... his level 3 looks cool though

blitz06232339d ago

It'd be a travesty if they include 2 versions of Cole and no Crash Bandicoot.

Rumor2338d ago

I would run laps around the earth if they put Sora in the game and make his supers one of his forms from kh2 or like summon some Disney characters to FSU

pixelsword2338d ago



"And really? EVIL COLE MCGRATH? Kinda seems awkward to say.."

Not really; it's like evil Ryu.

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oricon2338d ago

Sony needs to get someone else to do their trailers for this game because they are doing a poor job of making this game look great :/.

user54670072339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

What a waste of a character...all they had to do is give Good cole an alt skin and change the ice attacks to fire. Like when he does his LV2 Ice attack just turn it into fire or add some fire effects to the LV 3 Super Tornado attack

I would of prefered another first party character then Evil Cole....jeez come on Super Bot.

-Omega2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Exactly having him as an alternative skin would of been much better then putting him in as a new character, adding some fire effects to the move set would of been quicker then wasting time on another version of the same character. I'm really disapointed in this, unlike New Dante, Metal Gear Solid Rising Raiden and possibiley if the rumors are true Lightning from Final Fantasy they DID have control over this.

Lord_Sloth2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I have to say that I'm still not very pleased with the roster, even so near the game's official release. They've picked some characters that make sense like Kratos and Radec, but then there's other choices that are just plain lost on me. Like Etnad and 2 Coles. 1 would have been enough. I would have excepted Kessler though.

I'm still looking for Wander or Ico.

user54670072339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

It started off had Kratos, Prappa the Rapper and Sly then over time it just took a massive fall.

Instead of releasing all the info that would of gotten people really excited for this game to the point where they would of hit the roof and count the days to it's release like adding Cloud, Crash, Spyro for example they didn't...they had Nathan Drake and Big Daddy which were already leaked and didn't realse any info on new modes, minions or items that will be in the game. Realsing info slowly sounded like a cool idea but it's just been ruined by leaks and horrible promotional decisions like adding New Dante form the new DmC game and Raiden/Lightning if like the guy has said above, the rumors are true. Hell why don't they add a SSB type mode aswell with health bars, just to give people the choice on how to play the game

Why didn't they just add normal cole and let him transform into evil cole or good cole like Zelda/Shiek in SSB

Nimblest-Assassin2339d ago

Im going to guess that the infamous 2 costumes will be the alt costumes for cole

Whos etnad?

The roster so far

Fat Princess
Sweet Tooth
Big Daddy
Jak N Daxter
Rachet N Clank
Evil Cole

So far the leak is looking true, so fortesque, Nariko and Raiden are essentially confirmed as well

The said the final rooster will be 20+

So there could be more... or this is it

user77927882338d ago

@Lord_Sloth Funny how you say 2 Coles is enough then you say you would have expected Kessler? LOL

Lord_Sloth2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I wouldn't have any issues with Raiden personally since I like Raiden but they need Snake in there too. I'd say MGS is worth 2 slots with very different styles.

As for Lightning...She would make sense as an FF rep but Sony actually published FFVII and let's face it, Cloud is the most known FF character around.

I like the idea of having a basic Cole and then having him transform between good or evil like Shiek did.

zebramocha2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

They should have colonel volgin,boss from mgs3,vamp,ametarasu,black guy frown star hawk,the brawler from resistance 3,death jr,edmon from medieval move,noob saibot,hydro from mk,mega man,sonic,the thing from puppeteer and the guy from the mark of kri.

ZIB2339d ago

Hey Mike can you and Omega SHUT THE FVCK UP! seriously my god are your really b1tching about a character reveal are you kidding me here? Who cares if they wanted to add evil Cole how is that a bad thing especially when his move sets are different. So do the world a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself cause they are god damn retarded. It's their game they can do what they want with it and add who they want and you are going to either quite your b1tching and buy it or you'll still quite and let people who actually want to get it and enjoy their roster reveal.

Omar912339d ago

couldnt of said it better myself

user54670072339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

How about you GROW UP...troll

Honestly trolls like you love to personaly attack people and moan about people who have a opinion that dosen't match your own.

Get a life man

-Omega2339d ago

I love how you have created a duplicate account just to call someone. As Mike has said, get a life

ZIB2338d ago

Really Mike your calling me the troll? You who has the audacity to moan like a self entitled b1tch because a developer added a character to their fighting games.

It's not even about a conflict of opinions as its you being as already stated a self entitled b1tch because Superbot decided to make Evil Cole into an actual character with a new set of moves rather than just an alt skin for good guy Cole. If anything your comment brims of irony but you know if I have to grow up how about you join me. I'm sure you could use the added testorane to combat the irregular high levels of estrogen you have.

And to Omega actually this isn't dup account I've been coming to this site for a while but never joined but Mike's incredible b1tching skills made me want to join.

TheBlackSmoke2338d ago

lol Mike telling anyone to get a life is so ironic, the dude lives on n4g pressing f5 and declaring every game is shit because its not tailor made for him.

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Reverent2338d ago

So it's okay for SSB to have 2 Links who have the exact same move sets with slight alterations (Toon Link shoots fire arrows instead of regular arrows for example), but it's not okay to have 2 Coles that actually have completely different moves and supers? Whatever man.

Sono4212338d ago

Just to let you know toon link and link have completely different playstyles, Link was more slow but strong and toon link was more agile but weaker, although I do agree they had the same movesets they aren't as alike as you make them seem to be, I love playing with Toon Link but hate playing with regular Link.

NickTheHitman2338d ago

Bro. No offense. But you complain soooooooo much. A skin is one thing. But if ur gonna give fire effects why not just add another character. And thats what they did. If you can make a better game then go ahead and do it. Super Bot is trying there best. Its not like adding another character is going to hurt the game in any way. And they haven't even announced all the characters yet. Plus the opportunities for DLC. So just relaxx.

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RmanX10002339d ago

Im not an inFAMOUS fan, dont own a PS3, but this seems like wasted potential. Im not saying its a stupid character, but why not Nathan Hale? This game ned more Resistance love. The Hedgehog Grenade aint cuttin it :P

PersonaCat2339d ago

Unless its Nathan from the last 15 minutes of R2, I think he'd be a pretty terrible character lol :p End game Nathan would be a freaking beast though :o

srcBFMVBMTH2338d ago

Agreed. The dude can make you explode by just pointing his hands at you!!!!!!! That was freakin awesome! That could be his super also ('o')

Whitefeather2339d ago

Even though he has a different move set I still feel like it's a waste. It's not that it makes it two characters from the same franchise, I'm fine with that really I am one who is hoping for both Old Snake and Raiden but it's the same guy. I've played both games and know he is totally different in the way he acts but either way it's Cole McGrath. If can live with "Dante" being in, I can live with Evil Cole.

Hicken2339d ago

Oh, God... if he'd just been an alternate skin, people would be complaining. But since he's a complete character, they'll complain about that, instead.

Who cares? It's gonna have a big roster; Good and Evil Cole are VERY different individuals, so it's no surprise he's more than just a reskin.

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