Codemasters backs Sony's 10 year PS3 plan

So if you're a PlayStation 3 owner it probably means that you are a high roller because you had the money to purchase the console. If not the former, then chances are you're probably really broke, because of the high price tag and your lack of funds to purchase one. Either way, you probably want some reassurance that your decision will be one made with much guarantee instead of regret.

Before the launch Sony has been bragging that the PlayStation 3 is not for the short run, but for the long run ahead. Ten years to be exact, which means that while the PS4 is new to the scene, the PS3 will still be strong just like the PS2 currently is.

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DrWan4329d ago

The last time I did the calculation..the PS3 is actually not the expensive one.

The last time I did the calculation on the 360 with wireless, hdd, (controllers dont charge right? so battery?? sorry if i am misinformed), and online fee (i think i did 3 yrs).

and Wii, this one I factored in the price of 4 WiiMotes + nunchuks since Wii without 4 controllers = no point having it. I didn't even include battery price, but I think I did factored in two Nyko charge station. I price adjusted on median Ebay price as well since no one has the damn thing a few months ago when I did the calculations

I think the PS3 was actually one of the cheapest of the 3. Could have been cheaper if added more years of online play, but I just did 3...

Those calculations was just for myself to compare to see if i got a good deal, and indeed some systems appears to be cheap, such as the Wii but it's actually really expensive once you start to buy the periphery devices.

zambrota4329d ago

you get the most powerful system

Blu Ray player

free online

free wifi support

HDMI 1.3 support (ps3 is the only console that supports 1.3)

a waranteed HDD with every model

best games of every genre

PS3 is certainly worth every penny

NO FANBOYISM there but just plain FACTS

ruibing4329d ago

I just don't get how people can spend the same amount on cheap laptops, iPhone, MP3 players, PDAs, and cheap desktops and still consider PS3 to be so expensive.

blacsheep4329d ago

ps3 or iphone?

ps3 or 360+live account+hd-dvd player+bigger harddrive(and not just any laptop hd)+batteries for controller+wi-fi adapter?

plus with ps3 you get blu-ray,bluetooth,web surfing,able to run linux,free online,rechargeable controllers

certain people who write reviews need to keep on track and not run with old news ps3 is the most value for your pennies out there and thats a fact!

The Closing4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

That a ps3 is the best deal however nothing you mentioned is mandatory so thats not a very valid argument.

blacsheep4329d ago

thats what microsoft wants you to think thats its choice but to have an enjoyable gaming experience you need- batteries for your controller
live account to enjoy live
hd-dvd to enjoy hi def movies
microsoft are touting DL movies as the future, well an arcade sku or 20g sku isnt going to promote
that now is it?
wi-fi adapter unless you have really long cables which is a annoyance

basically this is all included within the ps3 and more so no its not mandatory options for the 360 its add ons which microsoft know you need but have advertised it as choice which is a rip off!an you fell for it so i gues it worked

tatical4329d ago

Its expensive compared to the the 360 & Wii, but its worth the money.

cmrbe4328d ago

Exactly. People buy smart phones that cost 300-500 USD like its easy but when it comes to a state of the art mutlimedia device like the PS3 they say its too expensive

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KILLERAPP4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

This is not news the PS1 and PS2 have lasted more than another console in history so the PS3 will be the same and the PS2 is still going strong even as next generations fight for the first place, the PS2 is the greatest console ever made and no one will come close as to what it did.

jwatt4329d ago

I think looking at all the features in the ps3 like Blu Ray, I think it's a safe bet to say the ps3 seems like the console to last the longest, while still keeping things fresh with fimware updates. Plus if you look at how the ps2 is selling you can't help but to think the ps3 will be in it for the long haul.

TheHater4329d ago

I don't care how long it last. All I know is that I will have it, until the Playstation 4 comes out, and will continue to keep it after the Playstation 4 comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.