Xbox 360 YouTube app update rolls out with 5x speed improvement, access to 'official' music videos

The PlayStation 3 snagged a new native YouTube app recently and now the Xbox 360 version has been updated, although with a different set of features. The team behind it says the new version rolling out on Xbox Live is as much as five times faster than the old one, and also has access to channels with official music videos. It should update automatically the next time (Xbox Live Gold) users log in and want to watch Gangnam Style on the big screen, or they can find the new version in the Xbox Live Marketplace -- check below for a couple of more screenshots from the new app.

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ChunkyLover534348d ago

Sweet! I love chilling with some HD Youtube on my bigscreen, looks like its getting even better. Cant wait!

Ben_Grimm4348d ago

Damn right, the Youtube app for 360 was suspect!

Summons754348d ago

Good, now why don't you bring party mode back to Netflix and put the menu back to teh way it was before you changed it and screwed it up so bad that I went from loving it to hating it.

Ben_Grimm4348d ago

Thank you Summons, the new Netflix on 360 is horried. They really need to change it back to the way it was before.

Godmars2904348d ago

Isn't - wasn't - there a memory issue with the party mode on Netflix? They got rid of it to free up space, and introduce new apps and features.

If so then its long gone and not coming back. At least not on the 360.

Summons754348d ago

I dunno but I loved it and watched terrible Bhorror films with my friends all the time so I was really upset to see it go.

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The 'Kawaii' Is A Nintendo Wii The Size Of A Keychain

Modders have cooked up something pretty special – a Wii console which is small enough to fit on your keys. A wee Wii.

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Humble Games Lays Off Entire Team

Another studio has held layoffs, this time its Humble Games letting go of its entire QA team according to social media posts.

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aaronaton14h ago

Why QA a game when the general public do it now....

anast12h ago

They will rehire cheaper labor during the restructuring. The stupid thing is that they are struggling and the first thing they do is lower the quality.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Coming to Game Pass July 24

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare III coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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darthv721d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Will be interesting to see what sort of numbers GP users draw in come tomorrow. It is believed that this is one many have been waiting for.

1d 8h ago
thesoftware73016h ago


That is not accurate; this game is old, and most people who want it have already bought it. You might get a small number of subs, but we will mostly see a good influx of players(not new subs) from people with Game Pass who will try it, which is what happened with D4.

CoD: BO 6 will be the test for actual sub numbers.

darthv729h ago

That's fair... seeing as many have been saying they want CoD in GP. My comment was more of , now that its here... what can it do. Im sure there will be other titles in the franchise that will either entice or turn off different users.

Bathyj14h ago

No one's buying a console and signing up for a monthly bill just to get this game to avoid buying it. That's ridiculous. Besides everyone bagged the crap out of this on release for the 4 hour campaign.