Guild Wars 2 Gets Its First Legitimate 80th Level Player

Over the headstart weekend, several players reached 80th level through means of exploits. However, it would appear that one player did it legitimately...

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-Mika-3257d ago

That really sad. You should not even be happy about that. This is an MMO. You suppose to take your time doing quest and meet new people. Not spend hours rushing to lev 80. Like what would yo be getting out of that. It just makes you look pathetic.

xseven3256d ago

There's still a ton of things to do outside of just powerlevel... but I don't necessarily think it's sad. It was a group effort to get him there

StayStatic3256d ago

I agree Mika , power levelling is what people did when they were bored of wow or for a challange, instead of enjoying the new content for the first time. Guild Wars 2 looks a lot of fun why would anyone want to ruin that experiance other than for fame ... guess thats the answer lol but kinda meh imo.

FanboyPunisher3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Too bad GW2 sucks compaired to most FTP mmos, wow still owns it though; big time in content.

Basically if you're really poor, play FTP over this.
If you arnt, play wow and the new exp.

If you want a game for a few weeks before you toss the aborted fetus that this game is, buy GW2.

Smell that? Its GW poop again.
Save your $$$, free MMOs give more content and sense of scale then this.

Treian3256d ago

someone didn't take their medicine today....

HammadTheBeast3256d ago

Lol this guy plays WoW. You're lvl 50 or must really get the panties dropping.

Ascalon943256d ago

stop trolling.... go back under your bridge

MRMagoo1233256d ago

LOL mop is gonna lose more subs than cata did i should know i have 5 85 toons im 8/8 hms on ds and im am bored stiff and have been for about 5 months. GW2 is just as fun as wow was when it had stuff to do and i suspect it will be a good game to lose some time in, i will play mop and prob enjoy it for the first 2 months then once i have finished everything ill have another 12 months to fill with other games.

Mainsqueeze3255d ago


I'm not really on a side here since i'm not going to play either game, but what do you think will make GW2 any better? Once people run out of things to do in that, they will be just as bored, but for longer i think since they won't update it as much as they do with WoW since GW2 is only B2P. GW2 seems to look like it probably has the best leveling experience out of any mmo, but then what?

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ddurand13256d ago

people play games for different reasons, buzz off with your condescension.

3256d ago
SonyNGP3256d ago

There are multiple character slots for a reason.

FadedWolf133256d ago

Well MMO's are like so you either have people racing to be the biggest leveld bad ass, or you have people like me who don't give a F$^k about being the first one to the top and just casually go my pace and be an idiot with friends ingame on bored days

Moncole3256d ago

Its a great achievement being the first of many.

Genmu3256d ago

lol y i am playing for like 4 days with headstart and still lvl 17....there so much to explore in this game,along with crafting,pvp,WvW...

i feel bad for this guy rushing like that and for what lol...

anw best mmo in recent years,recomended to everyone that loves mmo's

Scizz3256d ago

@Mika Yeah, we should all play the game how you perceive the game should be played, otherwise we're doing it wrong. What you say is the right way to play and anyone who plays it differently is stupid and looks pathetic.

ApolloTheBoss3255d ago

Wow, Mika for ONCE I agree with you.

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kefkah3256d ago

I personally like the fact that Anet apologized to the player. Classy move.

xseven3256d ago

Probably one of the best moves they've made. Confront all the people whining about playing with legitimate reasons why. All those crying out - ANET BANNED ME FOR NO REASON! - now look like idiots.

Maybe I just find it hilarious to use peoples' own words against them

crawling1823256d ago

Yea, that apology made me respect them a bit more than I already did. Really enjoying the game so far.

Echel0n3256d ago

Leveling in GW2 is quite different from any other MMO, as it only functions to gate content. Most other MMO's make you level and level to max out, and then its as if the game really begins with access to endgame content, raiding, dailies, etc.

GW2 is the endgame. The whole thing. Content is always relevant no matter what level you are.

kefkah3256d ago

Totally agree. It would seem that in GW2, levels are negated as it scales your level down to the level of content if you were to go back and revisit.

Socially, you would meet people along the way regardless of level.

FanboyPunisher3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Because GW2 has such a lacking of content, they needed to make use everything is used rather then leveled past and left alone.

AKA a free MMO with a tiny budget compared to other MMOs. ITS THAT POOP AGAIN, GW2.

Too bad what I said isnt even trolling again from it being poop, which it kinda is in alot of paid mmo ways, even FTP. You'll see, I hope you like eating poop; because you have alot of it coming your way with GW2.

A Kefkah-poop based sandwich.

kefkah3256d ago

Troll harder. I ain't feelin ya.

Echel0n3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

@ Fanboy Punisher

You sound to me like someone who wears a helmet all day every day.

ProfScrewtape3256d ago

I'm low on patience today so I'll address this with grade school simplicity:

"Because GW2 has such a lacking of content, they needed to make use everything is used rather then leveled past and left alone."
- Name 1 game where the studio intentionally designed content for you "level(ed) past and left alone." That's like paying someone to write books you'll never read, coincidentally, there millions of those.

"AKA a free MMO with a tiny budget compared to other MMOs. ITS THAT POOP AGAIN, GW2."
- I'm going to assume from your vocabulary and diction that you've been trapped in a creepy basement dungeon from childhood, so I'll let you know about the burgeoning world of indie gaming. It's a magical place where we've seen brilliant titles that are created by studios or even individuals with less funding then Blizzard or EA. Ergo budget is irrelevant, and the trailing bit about poop, is so clever.

Too bad what I said isnt even trolling again from it being poop, which it kinda is in alot of paid mmo ways, even FTP. You'll see, I hope you like eating poop; because you have alot of it coming your way with GW2.
- I'll hearken back to your basement dungeon childhood and assume your dancing rat friends didn't cover logic in any of the fanciful Disney-esque songs they sang to you. Let me teach you a truly novel concept about constructing a "point" in a "discussion". You see "Fanboy" it's impossible to treat a person's opinion as a fact and build an argument based that. The reason is, everyone has opinions, in fact you could be having one right now that I'm not a nice person. You would be right, I am in fact not a nice person, as any of number of dead bodies I've hidden in the woods can attest to. However you need these things called "facts" to have a "point" in an argument, and much like the dead bodies, if you can't find one, no one else believes you.

A Kefkah-poop based sandwich.
- Clearly your dungeon basement rat family taught you the word "poop" right off the bat, you wield it as elegantly as a master plumber uses his beloved plunger.

Genmu3256d ago

poor guy i feel bad for ya

go back to pokemons and kung fu pandas and dont forget to lick some blizz balls kkthxbb

MRMagoo1233256d ago


I commend you for actually being able to decipher the hieroglyphics fanboypunisher subjected us too lol i keep re-reading his sentences and they make no sense to me at all. /roundofapplause

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xseven3256d ago

I agree 100% and another good point to mention is that it doesn't make for steamrolling of content. The fact that it downgrades your level makes everything challenging. Yeah, you get a little bump from gear and or skills earned, but you still have to pay attention.

Sm1ttySm1t3256d ago

First legitimate level 80. Mother of God.

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