America’s not loving PlayStation All-Stars

Sony usually has huge Triple A titles set to release in the Fall. This year’s a bit different.

They’re banking a lot into their new IP (Super Smash Brawl rip off cough*) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, created by new developer team Super Bot.

Anyone who buys the game (not used) gets a free copy of All-Stars for their slow-selling Vita. In addition, anyone who pre-orders the game gets exclusive costumes for certain fighters in the game.

With all that said, it seems none of the perks are affecting gamers in the states. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale pre-orders are looking pretty awful thus far.

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Silver-Hawk3311d ago

Ok, but I'm loving it in the UK. I can't wait for this game. I know this article was written to start a war but playstation all stars is pure quality and a good game

srcBFMVBMTH3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

They definitely know how to make awesome games. But when it comes to marketing and making them known to the public........................


Sony's movie marketing team should really help out their gaming division. Just look at how well they marketed The Amazing Spiderman.

MaxXAttaxX3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Not a lot of people pre-order games lately especially new IPs, unless the bonuses are huge.
I'm not pre-ordering it(yet) buy I'm buying it anyway.

Nimblest-Assassin3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

completely agree with Nathanexplosion

Pre-orders mean very little now a days... before it meant you had a copy guaranteed first day, but now retailers overstock on games, that its not that hard to stroll into a gamestop or some store and walk out with a copy of the game on opening

I only pre-order limited editions, just incase they run out... but they never do (except for borderlands 2 and mass effect 3)

But other than that the novelty of pre orders means very little now a days. Most people realize its more worth while waiting for a price drop, rather than buying early for some costumes

Anyways... I had fun with the demo at fanexpo, and I will get the game... eventually

darthv723310d ago

at trying to dismay the quality of this game. It looks to be complete fun. I mean they are throwing everything in this game but the kitchen sink.

If they do decide to have a kitchen sink character (which would be funny) then I hope they have a toilet one as well. special move...the swirly

Razmossis3310d ago

I only pre order games I want on day 1 and think are going to sell out.

raytraceme3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Now once crash bandicoot is announced and marketed, that's when interest will grow ;) Got my $47.99 preorder on newegg :D

Dee_913310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

pre orders........................ ............................ really.
what brand new ips have crazy high pre-orders?
their comparing it to Last of us preorders....
i mean.... wtf.How lazy do you have to be to actually do some research and find a game with a similar situation?
how many games does naughty dog have ?
how many does superbot have ?
Bloggers i tell ya

dont give them hits.
its not even a paragraph long

badz1493310d ago

instead of trying to promote the game, they are downplaying it! why don't we get any article like this when pre-orders for a new IP is not looking good? oh yeah...other new IPs are fine but not Sony's! wanna talk rip-off? why don't look at Marvel vs Capcom, for example? only Nintendo can do mash up of characters from different IP and let them fight each other when everybody else does it, it's a rip-off! PATHETIC!

personally, I think this is looking good so far and seems like a lot of fun! plus, any game with cross buy promotion, gets my money! bring it ON!

pixelsword3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Blah, blah blah on both sides of the issue:

< This guy wants hits but he ain't gettin' them, at least by me. This "writer" can't even get past the title without containing his contempt for all things Sony. He can't even make a good point based upon reasonable facts. I hardly ever bought pre-orders, even on special editions because it's a bad economy, so this gen pre-orders are not even needed. For everyone who wants to make a hate article, actually get a clue because a lot of Sony fans are wising up and just come on threads to trash the trash, if you will.

> for everyone here talking about how good this game is knowing that they never actually intended to purchase the game without a lot of coddling from their "peers", prove this guy wrong and actually BUY IT if you believe in it. That's the one thing Sony fans love to do: talk up a game only to not buy it because some jack-mule makes a hater article and then they get all weepy. Right now I don't want to hear it anymore from either side. If you love it, get it; otherwise quit cheer-leading a game you full well know that you won't get.

srcBFMVBMTH3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )


Calm your tits bro........... Lol

pixelsword3310d ago


I suck at those.



pixelsword3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I got triple posted for some reason

pixelsword3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

... 8/

nukeitall3310d ago


Pre-orders tend to be proportional to the actual unit sales when the game is released. It is a measure resellers use to determine how many they order and how big of a push they are going to make.

That is how the industry has worked for ages as I'm surely you are no stranger to it.

tehpees33310d ago

Notice how the article comes from a website plastering non specific action figure. If you watched Nintendo's E3, you would know who that is :P

No Nintendo bias at all here /s

MaxXAttaxX3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Yeah and pre-orders are not definitive. They mean two different things to retailers and consumers.
So what does that have to do with what I (and the people above) said?

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shoddy3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I'm a Canadian and I can't wait to play this game with my kids and nephew.

Copy or not I still get the fun.
My $60 dolla ready.

sonic9893310d ago

not necessary since america =/ the world
i am getting it day one the day it arrives to the game shop here near me
i am getting it LOL pointless article

DizzyDino3310d ago

I am in the private beta and its awesome. You can only play multiplayer , but it's fun.

Burackus3310d ago

I have to agree with you, at first i didnt think the game was going to be my cup of tea, but its really like crack i cant stop playing it i love the game!

SilentNegotiator3310d ago

A new IP doesn't have very high preorders?!?! Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

omi25p3310d ago

So you haven't got the game yet and you KNOW its pure quality and a good game. MMMMMMMMK Can i borrow your Tardis please i want to play GTA V

princejb1343310d ago

I haven't pre ordered but I'm planning to buy anyway
They need to release a public demo already, I want to actually try it out before I purchase

JsonHenry3310d ago

What?! I am in the US. And I can't wait. It will be the first game I will have played on my PS3 since Uncharted 3. (unless the PSN release of FF Tactics counts)

Thatguy-3103310d ago

Stopped taking the article serious after "They’re banking a lot into their new IP (Super Smash Brawl rip off cough*) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale".
IMO this will do well and what will help it out is the cross buy feature that will grant you a vita version. I'm psyched for it.!!!

Ares84HU3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )


You can see from your agree/disagree that opinions on this game vary. I was in the closed beta and after trying the game I think it's garbage. It's one thing to see gameplay videos and a whole other to actually play the game. I couldn't even follow my character on the screen because it was way too chaotic and confusing. I was trying to play properly and using some "strategy" but after that failed miserably I just started button mashing and it worked better. But the whole game is terrible as it stands. Graphics are terrible, gameplay is terrible. I will not buy this game unless it's below $10. It does not worth more.

But that is just my opinion and I'm sure people who haven't even played the game will disagree with me because they know better.

PhillipSantanaMusic3310d ago

I highly doubt you played it or you just sfraight sux at it because we didn't just "watch videos" but we too played/were in the beta and watched demonstrations on stage LIVE and it always looked/played good. Well i will b playing it on my ps3 and vita and i guesx you wont bottom line :)

Ares84HU3310d ago

Doubt all you want. I was actually interested about this game until I tried it. After that, no thanks. You could say I suck at it if you want but to be good in this game does not take skill but luck.

You like the game, great for you! Hope you enjoy it.

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Summons753311d ago

Since when? all I hear is excitement for it besides for the nintendo fanboys

phantomexe3311d ago

I do about 80% of my gameing on the PS3 and i'm not picking this up. The game is just not my thing. It's going be hard for sony to dupe what nintendo has pulled off but it's cool that there are people excited about it.

FriedGoat3311d ago

indeed, Can't fault my PS3 or Vita. The only thing that attracts me to this game is the cross buy, I don't particularly want to play it though.

Burackus3310d ago

You guys should give it try i didnt think i was going to like it but i do its a lot of fun

rjdofu3311d ago

Unfortunately, there're many of them, and they're pretty loud.

Kran3311d ago

I'm not a fanboy to Nintendo. I'm not really that excited :/

Hate me for it, sure, but im just disproving your point.

torchic3311d ago

I do 100% of my gaming on PS3 and I don't care for this game. I'm sorry it looks boring. I have a bunch of friends who only game on PS3 and none of them are looking forward to this game.

I'd rather spend my cash on WRC 3 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

ConstipatedGorilla3310d ago

I agree. For that matter, SSB was boring too.

Oh_Yeah3310d ago

in my opinion, other 2d fighters are boring, besides super smash bros and ps all stars. theyre so much more than paper cut out fighters (what i call mvc, teken, street fighter, etc), theres 4 players on screen...interactive objects, interactive settings, more unique move sets, etc. more content, better gameplay, more variety. classic 2d fighters are a waste..persona 4 arena is decent least that has a story.

i want powerstone to come back, thats honestly the most fun ive had with a competitive fighter.

sonic9893310d ago

i respect the opinions here but must say haters gonna hate

miyamoto3310d ago

This article has a bit of VGChartz (which is from the U.K. too) flavor on it. So I am not a bit surprised.

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TronEOL3311d ago

Because a lot of people don't pre-order nowadays. Not to mention so many other games are coming out that will have the majorities' attention.

A quick and easy example of this is the fact that I know I'll be getting this game, but I have yet to pre-order it. I just haven't gotten around to it, just like many other people.

Just sounds like a "writer" with a bad attitude and no knowledge for video games.

StayStatic3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Yup , i don't pre-order much , let the pre-order folk take the fall if a game happens be awful or a buggy mess.

Not saying it will be bad , looking forward to it tbh :)

mushroomwig3310d ago

Agreed, the whole idea of pre-orders having anything to do with the popularity of a title should stop. I've never pre-ordered anything in my life.

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smashcrashbash3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Please. They say that for every PS3 game that comes out. Every time a PS3 exclusive comes out someone jumps up and says 'the preorders aren't looking to good' months in advance .They did that with UC2, GT5, GOW 3, R3,Killzone 2 and 3. This is normal.

Blankman853311d ago

They did it for Starhawk and Twisted Metal this year and look how great those sol. . .oh wait. Also, did they really say that about those games? All of them? Really? Be honest now.

smashcrashbash3311d ago

It has already been proven several times that pre orders don't always reflect final sales. Trying to use them to predict who want something or not is not always accurate. PASBR isn't coming out until November. So what if pre orders haven't picked up yet? What's your point?

srcBFMVBMTH3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Marketing dude, marketing. TM did half a million. Not bad for a title with absolutely NO ADVERTISING and it was originally going to be a small PSN title. Just look at what GOOD marketing got Kinect Star Wars, almost a million sales and it turned out to be complete shit with it's 55 metacritic score. lol

Starhawk I agree was a complete flop though. Sales wise at least.

b_one3311d ago

modern journalism at its finest :>

jimbobwahey3310d ago

You know you're dealing with an absolute joke of a writer when the article has cringe worthy cough insults. Was it written by a twelve year old? Embarrassing to say the least.

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

b_one3310d ago

thats a correct way to deal with scum writers.