Rumor: Major Army of Two Update Coming Soon?

Kombo Reports: "According to trusted sources close to Kombo, there is going to be a "major" update on Army of Two either at the end of the week or sometime early next. Seeing that the game is closing in on the final release date, based on speculation, the update could include info about what has actually changed since Kombo last got our hands-on the anticipated "buddy shooter." "

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DrPirate4880d ago

The game was just submitted and approved on both the 360 and PS3. Expect to see it on shelves early.

Ri0tSquad4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

I remember you mentioning this game not delivering? Did you say that?


I thought it was. Just making sure though. Thanks again.

DrPirate4879d ago

Yes, I did say that. And it still holds true.

There's just too many "non-shippable" bugs that they aren't fixing, and there's too many cut features that strip all the worth from this title.

Not to mention, I think most of you will object to playing this game on a moral grounds. I found it very painful and morally wrong to play.

Alcohog4880d ago

Ahh the old move to get a game out before its reviews come. I've been saying it all along, but this game is gonna be sub-par I predict.

Vulcan Raven4879d ago

I will buy this game. I am craving a 3rd person shooter.

zonetrooper54879d ago

I was looking forward to this game but it fell off my radar.

DrPirate4879d ago

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Watch the previews. I haven't ever proved myself, as far as you all know, the truth is I'm a liar and I'm just making stuff up trying to tarnish a companies name.

I'll let the reviews speak on my behalf when they come out.

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