Rumour: Gears of War 2 now official?

Rumours, rumours and even more rumours: this is one that just won't go away however. Yes, Gears of War 2 speculation has reared it's ugly head again and this time it's because Gamepro magazine claims to have an exclusive (don't they all?), and proudly emboss the Gears of War 2 logo on their front cover.

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Eclipse4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

I think it's definetly coming

games4fun4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

we know they are making it, its just a matter of when it releases. What surprises me more is the fanboy glasses everyone seems to be wearing (people below) so you have how many proven franchises for 360 this year possibly?
answer: 3 (gaiden,halo wars(RTS might not sell as well), and gears)

ps3: at least twice as much and you are telling me that 360 lineup is better?

heck ill name six but i know there are more: GT5,MGS4,White Knight Story,Resistance 2, Killzone 2 (i know you'll say crap about the first but i put halo wars in there and its an RTS), FFXIII, Tekken 6

anyways stop giving me lineup crap admit that you have less its not that hard to count really also if microsoft has others they would have announced them by now

by the way prototype looks awesome cant wait to play it :)

bozobucketeer4782d ago

What is all this crap on better lineups. As a whole, it'd appear like ps3 has a better lineup, but it's all about what kind of games a person likes. I'm a shooter fan, 1st/3rd, whatever. I also like open rpgs like Oblivion. I can't stand jrpgs, racing games, or fighting games. So you know what, you think ps3 has a better lineup? Good, then you bought the right system for you, but not everyone shares the same tastes. Again, I'm not insulting either lineups, but they're based on opinions. Don't mix that with fact.

4782d ago
games4fun4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

i actually forgot about those games fable and splinter lol you added alen wake how is that a proven franchise? white knight story in my opinion i thought already had history from level basically its dark cloud sequeal i thought so i put it in there

i said franchises which i meant being games that have sequels/history because basically saying something exclusive doesnt really mean anything when it hasn't proven itself to be good that is what i meant and pointing out that games wont make it in time i could say the same thing about gears/alan wake/too human? if your going to do that then god of war 3 is coming out too. so now its 4 to 7 sorry it is barely away from being twice as much

also dont brag about internet you dont have a dedicated server to save your life and not only that it doesnt support past 32(usually lags ridiculously at 32) so it doesnt seem that stable of an online service you may have better features but when i want to play without lag your service doesnt deliver the main point of it which is online multiplayer just because you have more online doesn't mean more people arent being chumps

i decided to give you an agree because although the ps3 is admittedly more star studded i should have at least acknowledged those two games (splinter and fable)
war over...

also this post came because of people below lauding the 360 lineup

kevoncox4782d ago

Dedicated servers won't stop lag. Most lag is created when someone decides to user wireless connection, download Hd movies off Kazaa, and surf stream movies off of youtube.

Do you really think that the 360 is incapable of doing more than 32 players? Lol you better tell the Hurley developers that their 100 players max game that they have been developing on 360 won't work lol...

Quick question...Was COD4 on ps3 on dedicated servers? If it was peer to peer, did you really care? You should return the game at once. Lol.
Your not fighting back.

games4fun4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

do you take any classes on networking? and how does that affect your 360 there are people who just have a 360 connected dont give me crap write off answers you know nothing about seriously anybody who is in networking will tell how much more stable a dedicated server is and how much less it will lag it is a significant amount and i was using resistance and warhawk as examples of dedicated servers the one with 40 players and no lag yea those two and when huxely comes out ill be proven wrong but i have facts of whats out now

lol another unproven ip is how the 360 is better i'm tired of hearing about these games that are supposed to work wonders that nobody has even heard of i list proven franchises and then you decide to attack the online portion instead and avoid my response who's really fighting

And to answer your question i dont own cod4 good you found a game without dedicated servers have a cookie but most ps3 games do and my friend does have it for 360 as well as other games they lag but i dare anyone to find lag in a game of warhawk if its there it is so much less that the human eye cant notice it these are games that are out now that prove the ps3 can do it and you talk about a game that will.

i play resistance 40 player one hit kills carbine/sniper with while someone is not playing using his ps3 as a dedicated server meaning that he is not in the game but is nice enough to leave his ps3 on all day as a server for others there is rarely ever any lag not to mention the official servers anyway if you play btb halo with 32 players all in the game who don't instantly quite from lag expect a lot lag the likes of which i have never seen surpassed

you shouldnt downplay dedicated servers if live had them it would play miles better

Shankle4781d ago

What the f*ck are you guys doing in the gamer zone? get the hell out!!!

sonarus4781d ago

agreed arguments of this magnitude shouldnt be allowed in the gamerzone but argurments will happen online no matter what. Better line ups are a thing is not a factual statement so someone can always disporove it. There is no way to make these ppl not argue in the gamer zone when someone makes a comment subtly attackin one console ppl on here will defend their console of choice. I love games but i prefer ps3 and i have both ps3 and 360 no wii though not a big fan. Everyone here has a preferred console for one reaso of the other its just that everyone is pretending to be more sensible about it than the rest. As from now when arguments are about to go down jst approach them pokemon style gamesrfun makes his stand and all of a sudden wild kevoncox appears if you know an argument is about to go now simply challenge each other into the open zone or you can pm urselves.

dachiefsman4781d ago the tab and go over....take your PS3 vs 360 garbage over there

stunt2134781d ago

OMG this is the biggest new ever!!! a sequel to gears of war!! All this rumour about Gears of War i s so stupid obviously there i sgoing to be a sequel, teh first one sold 5 milliom

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Eclipse4782d ago

to refrain from flamewars please.

The ps3 seems to have the best lineup butMS always has tricks up their sleeves, Maybe in 2009 the xbox360 will have tons of games.

Dr Pepper4782d ago

If you want to refrain from flamewars, why immediately bring up the "who has the better line-up" discussion?

sonarus4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

agreed maybe in 2009 but as of now based on the games we are aware of sony has the best games coming out. even with gears of war this wnt change unless gears 2 has a similar impact with gears 1. like i have stated before i have gotten tired of the unreal engine look. about a yr ago it was probably the best engine graphically but the 3rd parties that have used it really made some ugly lookin games that have made the unreal engine look a bit ugly to me. Dark sector not necessarily a bad lookin game but d graphics are ugly to me. However UT3 graphics werent so ugly so long story short Gears 2 needs more than graphids to impress. My biggest hope is longer campaign and some sick weapons and vehicles

@toughname below
yea gears was memorable it got me to purchase a 360 and i put a whole lot of hours but one game can't give you the best line up. personally the only game i am seriously anticipating off msoft exclusives is gaiden. If i see gears of war 2 and it blows me away then i guess i will become anticipated. The point though is one game cant give you the best line up. can give you the best game up but not line up. You need a diverse selection of possible AAA titles like white knight story, final fantasy, gran turismo 5, mgs4, resistance 2, killzone 2 the list goes on really but when i think of msoft as of now gears 2, ninja gaiden and maybe alan wake havent seen it really 2 get siked so i'll put a maybe too human nope and never played fable but i guess if you feel like you can toss it in there. The rest of the titles are mediocre exclusives as far as i can tell

toughNAME4782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

I agree about the vehicles, but I wouldn't say longer campaign I'd say...a more open one.

And I'm just going to ignore that "needs more than graphids to impress" comment

sonarus4782d ago

the reason i say it needs more than graphics is simple. Personally there have been 2 many games running on than engine and it has just made me get bored of the unreal engine look. Bioshock didnt really look all that like unreal engine though but a lot of other games did. Gears got a lot of attention cus of its amazing graphics. Gameplay was very solid as it paved the way for games like dark sector and uncharted so gears automatically goes dwn in history for that. However we need more campaign content not just a graphical upgrade is the point i am tryin to make. Epic is a great studio so i have no doubt gears of war 2 will be great but considering the impact 1 had i doubt gears 2 can achieve the same but we will see

DrPirate4782d ago

Guys, do this in the open zone, there's no need for this comparison discussion.

The news article is about Gears of War, not Sony's lineup.

BLUR1114781d ago

it kills the sony fanboys that gears 2 will and might be out this year and when it does, i cant wait to see the sales of it and then killzone lol.. omg u cant fuc with gears its a one of a kind.

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niall774782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

Just think how it will be marketed.

gears of war Red Bull

gears of war burger king meal

gears of war, gears

toughNAME4782d ago

If Microsoft can get his bad boy out this year then the Xbox 360 will have the best line up IMHO

I'm not even a big fan of this game (see my UR). But the amount of hours I put into the first one? Jesus.

INehalemEXI4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

It will be on PC as well though eventually, so that kind of steels the thunder of its exclusivity.

pwnmaster30004781d ago

not really i no lots of people who has gears dat didnt like it like me for example and it cant beat mgs4 lbp resistance and other ps3 line up

Vanqu1sh4782d ago

Gears of War 2 is easily the biggest title for ANY system this year

masterg4782d ago

No it's in the top 5. But with games like GTA4,MSG4,FF13,KZ2,RFOM2,LBP, just being in the top 5 is great.

Gears 2 is one of games I cant get to play quickly enough.

HarryEtTubMan4782d ago

Gears 2 will be big but you are dumb if u already think Gears is THAT BIG of a franchise. It sold 4 million... which is VERY GOOD... but even Resistance: Fall of Man is about to pass 3 million now. MGS4 is going to sale VERY GOOD in the long run(this one is wayyyy more hyped because its on PS3 and snake is proabably goin to die...and the least selling MGS title is still 3.5 million with most selling around 5 million...very good lol.... and MGS4 is going to beat that or wither way sale very well...too many people want it). As will all those PS3 games be multimillion sellers (at least Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet....Gran Turismo, FF 13 and God of War 3 arent until 2009).

Gears will sale well... it wont be number one. Its not Halo. Killzone 2 is going to be HUGE. We haven't even seen anything yet... lol they are still hiding all the cool stuff. Its going to be a BIGGG GAME. I real the developers blog and he said it was HUGEEEEEEEEEE In EPIC SCALE and just how big the game is as a whole. Resistance has 2 CAMPAIGNS with one having 8 plater co-op and a differnet side story....dude thats sick, dont hate... just have all consoles like I do... so u can play al the best games. 60 player online? DUDE THAT IS AWESOME.

I really hope Gears is at least 16 player in some bigger map moeds or something....but I still want to play 4 vs 4 sometimes... variety is good. SSBB and Mario Kart will sales good.

The biggest saling game of next year though... will be 100% GTA 4.

Rocko4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

You vastly underestimate the selling power of Gears of War, the name is THAT BIG. If released this year it WILL be the #1 selling game 2008. You can quote me on that.

INehalemEXI4781d ago

Gears has sold 4.94 million on 360. That puts it at approx. 122nd on the all time best selling Franchises list.

Im sure it will sell well but its got competition.

TheExecutive4781d ago

there is no way if gears 2 comes out this year its the best selling game on any system. You can quote me on that.

I can think of 3 games right off the top of my head that will sell more:


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