God Hand Review

Clover Studios has taken the old-school brawler and turned it on its head with their latest release entitled God Hand. You play as Gene, the sort of anime style cowboy who has somehow lost his right arm and had it replaced with the all powerful God Hand. With special moves known as God Reels he must use his God Hand powers to beat down every fouled mouthed foe that comes along. With a generous length, decently deep combat, and some extreme difficulty, fans of the genre will be in heaven and everyone else might just enjoy the ride as well.

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Siesser5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

This and Guitar Hero 2 round out my PS2 purchases for the rest of the year, along with Okami. The game doesn't have the greatest graphics. But it looks absolutely fun. And funny.

After Viewtiful Joe and Okami, Clover + Capcom = greatness, in my eyes. Viewtiful Joe was the best (and one of the few) old school 2d platformer the system saw. Okami is the best adventure game on the system. I'm hoping God Hand will be the best brawler as well.