Is the Stealth Genre Dying?

It seems these days it's tough to find a game that focuses just on stealth while many games tend to have stealth elements in them. Some examples include Batman Arkham City/Arkham Asylum, Metal Gear Solid 4, Deus Ex Hr and the upcoming Dishonored. Even Splinter Cell has moved away from stealth for the most part. Does this mean the genre is on its way out? Is the idea of a stealth game too much of a “niche” to survive?

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prototypeknuckles3556d ago

A little I mean stealth and survival horror seem to not be cared about, and its all about action and grit nowadays, but there are a few games that still care just not the main stream games like re, or sc can be trusted anymore.

lastdual3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Essentially, stealth has become just an option.

We don't see pure stealth games in the traditional sense today. Instead we see games that say "you can be stealthy . . . or go in GUNS BLAZING!"

It's the same thing that we've seen happen with survival horror. If your games isn't also an action game, risk-averse publishers don't want any part of it. Unfortunately this often translates to a dumbed-down experience.

Bathyj3556d ago

I actually like games where you can play your own style. As you said, stealthy or guns blazing. Far Cry is a perfect example.

What I dont like is when games say, here this is a stealth bit, you can be stealthy here and pretty much nowhere else. Batman:Arkham Asylum is a good example of this.

Enjoying the hell out of Sniper Elite V2 at the moment.

s45gr323556d ago

I don´t mind that much that stealth is just an option; however, stealth as an option for MGS4 was a disaster. Is sad to see this genre become an option mainly due it made the games more realistic i.e. splinter cell you are a black ops agent do not leave any evidence that the U.S. was involved in the operation. That was cool because lets faced it avoiding enemies is more challenging than getting rid of them not only that but in real life black ops agents must not leave any evidence of their native country thus seeing results without anyone noticing was going on. As for survival horror damn it all why not who doesn´t like a scary game....

JellyJelly3556d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution laid out the option perfectly. I felt like I failed if I didn't go stealth.

iamlegend99993556d ago

If i'm playing on a harder difficulty. I do stealth.

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ChipChipperson3556d ago

Let's not forget that it's not only just the lack of stealth segments, but just the way most stealth mechanics work with games that try to implement them. It's either really bad stealth mechanics i.e. Far Cry 2, enemies can perfectly pin point your exact location in the thick jungle during the night even though you killed a guard with your machete silently. You alert one guy, the whole area just knows where you are, why? And then there is the other stealth mechanic where it is just too simple and lacking. The very basic stealth gameplay with the very few stealth segments just aren't that much fun, nor challenging. It's either that or they are always scripted stealth segments where the enemy AI just has no behavior to them where they just wait for you to go up behind them. Most of these stealth games are missing that sense of observation of your targets.

Bathyj3556d ago

There are still stealth games around, but they're hard to find. ;P

SilentNegotiator3556d ago

Especially exceptionally good ones.

Swiggins3556d ago

I didn't see what you did there ;3

Bathyj3556d ago

Hoho, very nice. I see what YOU did there.

DragonKnight3556d ago

God I hope not. Stealth is probably my second favourite genre after RPG's. If someone made a great ninja-based stealth RPG I wouldn't be able to throw money at it fast enough.

Bathyj3556d ago

Ever play The Last Ninja?

Not RPG or stealth, but a great Ninja adventure back in the day. Awesome graphics and score.

AngelicIceDiamond3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Somebody make another Tenchu game. Not only will my problem be solved, but I'll be extremely happy another Tenchu game got released.

Bathyj3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Here, what this guy said. Glad its not just me.
Poisoned Rice... BEST WEAPON EVER!!

ChipChipperson3556d ago

If they ever do make another Tenchu game, I really hope they make it more like 1-3. The last, I think, 3-4 installments have been good, but lacking compared to the older ones. I want my Ki Meter back.

Kyosuke_Sanada3556d ago

I agree. Just make them open world missions, smart enemy A.I, tons of Hissastu kills based on multiple attack angles and weaponry.

More environment interaction like in Tenchu Shadow Assassins is appreciated but much less hand holding to do so.

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