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NYC_Gamer3111d ago

Well,i'll miss out on the content since i'm buying the game without doing the pre order thing.

Outside_ofthe_Box3111d ago

Yeah it sucks. I'm not pre ordering it either because I'm not going to blindly buy the game. I'm gonna wait for reviews to see what has been improved. I'm especially looking for My Player mode improvements.

crxss3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )


you don't have to buy it if you pre-order it... just pre-order it for the DLC, and if you decide not to get it then cancel your pre-order.

crxss3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )


if you're going to get the game why wouldn't you pre-order it for free extra features? so confusing...

NYC_Gamer3111d ago

The local shop that i buy my games from doesn't offer pre orders..Gamestop is out of the question since i'd rather pay 60 bucks without added tax.

nevin13111d ago

lol, Dunk/3Point contest was free in 2K9-2K11.

Anyway, I hope they bring back My player pick up game.

bahabeast3111d ago

I dnt wnt the gameplay mechanics too change too much IMO 2k12 felt reali good playing, my player mode needs some overhauling though and its what im realli looking forward to.

Cueil3111d ago

they need to beef up the My Player mode for sure... would really like to see more control when attacking the rim

Cueil3111d ago

Are we going to get good music or is Jay Z and his trashy friends going to ruin the music?

nevin13111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )


The song in this trailer sounds good. But the soundtrack shouldnt be full of Jay Z tracks.

Cueil3111d ago

this DLC preorder stuff is "Turrible"

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