New TF2 Maps Still Undecided for Consoles

Clarifying reports made earlier this week, Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi has told Shacknews that plans to bring new maps and content to the console editions of Team Fortress 2 are still up in the air.

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solar4331d ago

this is totally poopy for you console guys. other than the keyboard and mouse config, the custom maps and game play users create is damn fun. hopefully you can experience the fun as well :D

Gamingshouldbefun4330d ago

this game is lots of fun but it gets boring,
there is no fps in gaming world more addicting and lasting than counter strike.

DrPirate4330d ago

This is exactly why I got the PC version. Valve supports the PC side of things incredibly well.

Counter-Strike: Source is still getting maps, and now they're implementing acheivements into most of their older games. Sweet I say, but it's definitely a bummer for console guys because Valve honestly doesn't care about consoles. With their Steam platform, their primary interest is the growth of the PC userbase and digital distribution.

The sales they made from consoles are just a bonus, they ported PC code to make a 360 version and outsourced the PS3 version so it literally cost them nothing. The 360's online also had a terrible lag because I bet they barely did any testing. Whatever money they made from PS3/360 is basically funding episode 3 and the development of the Steam platform (Coincidence that Steamworks was just released free to all developers and independent coders?).

zonetrooper54330d ago

Yeh I got the PC version of the Orange Box, DoDS and CSS will be updated soon to the newest version of the Source Engine which will be great. I will always get Valve's games on the PC rather than console.