Smash It Up! - The Final Roster

by Lucas M. Thomas

February 1, 2008 - SPOILER WARNING! "Go ahead and stop reading right now if you don't want to be spoiled on the real secret characters who will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Smash It Up! has been a speculation feature up to this point, but with the game now launched and available in Japan, the time for guesswork and wishlists is over – the news featured from this point on is the real deal".

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mintaro4780d ago

mewtwo's gone? wow, but i guess that's why lucario is in

smokeymicpot4780d ago

how many times will we see the same roster and over this week. This is like the third time we seen the final roster whats with all the dulpicate posts baseicllly

Doppy4780d ago

I'm kind of disappointed. I was expecting at least 30 different characters in this game, and even though they have 35 characters at least 5 of them are clones of another player. I hate that many of the characters still have the exact same move set from SSBM. I'm upset they got rid of Mewtwo I liked Mewtwo a lot :( .

This game is kind of like Melee 1.5. This was the only game I wanted for the Wii, I'm still going to get it, but I'm still disappointed.

kira9894780d ago

is that there are 2 other Fox clones now!!!! Wut the hell!!!

They couldnt give one of them a unique fighting style... But wut ever.. Just the rant of an upset fanboy, pay no mind

Slayer OP4780d ago

R.O.B. cant fight fight. whats the point of him being there?

Kakkoii4780d ago

He can fight. It's very ODD fighting lol...but he can :). He jumps using booster jets under his ass :P.

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