X06: New Marketplace Content

The Marketplace again fills with goodies for us to look at. Quick, to the Marketmobile!...

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PS360WII4997d ago

A downloading fool tonight ^^

T-Rac4997d ago

new DOOM demo has got be stuck to it... forget the trailers JUST GET DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ITS THE BEST ARCADE TITLE EVERRRRRRRRR

bullet4997d ago

News like this is why I love my 360:)

Islandkiwi4997d ago

Banjo, blue dragon, darkness, bioshock, lost oddysey...heck you need to download all of it, there is some awesome stuff. I had watched some of it on my pc, but there is no comparison to seeing it on my hdtv.

richie007bond4997d ago

You i take my hat off to you,you make promises and hell you deliver you respect your consumers and thats why your my first choice in this generation
Keep up the amazing work

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The story is too old to be commented.