The Top 25 Xbox 360 Games


In case the Mayan prophecy comes true and the world really does end in December, we wanted to make sure that this year's Top 25 Xbox 360 would be a memorable one. So we locked ourselves in a room and didn't come out until we'd settled on the 25 Xbox 360 titles that have so dazzled us over the past seven-plus years that we feel they're still worthy of your time and your cash today. We're probably going to either include something that incenses you or make you even angrier with something we left off the list, but hey -- that's what the Comments section below is for! Make your case and make it well, but regardless, we promise you that none of these 25 Xbox 360 games will let you down (note: this list does not include Xbox Live Arcade games; we'll have that one for you soon).

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doncorleone3309d ago

Dance central is obviously better than Dark Souls IGN...-_-

EVILDEAD3603308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

LMAO @ this almost stealth troll by IGN on the 360...worst list ever.

It just goes to show what's going on over there. These guys arent even trying anymore. You could get a better top 25 list by any fanblogger out there.

These guys literally omitted MOST of the huge games on the 360 for games that dont belong ANYWHERE near this list like Rock Band 3 and Rayman Orgins..

Then they litrally had the worst ranking period.


IHateYouFanboys3308d ago

Dance Central 2 is the best casual party game around, bar none.

Rock Band 3 is the best non-casual party game, bar none.

Rayman Origins is the most aesthetically pleasing game this generation, if not ever IMO, and has superb multiplayer and replay value.

all 3 games deserve their spot on the list IMO.

while i dont agree with the order or all of the games, especially the top 10, who gives a rats? its their opinion.

Straightupbeastly3309d ago

They could make a top 100 because the 360 has so many great games

josephayal3309d ago

only 25? omg this is redecoulous

ChunkyLover533309d ago

They could have done a much better list in my opinion, there are way more than 25 exclusives they could have used. Third party games should have their own list.

ipe3309d ago

Ign should stop making lists, they suck at it.

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The story is too old to be commented.